How did Celsius-Thoughts came to be?
Celsius-Thoughts was officially born on October 5, 2007 as a place for me to rant about dramas from various places. At the time, my drama entertainment was stationed in HK with TVB and I was just starting to get into the Taiwan Entertainment through Fahrenheit. I was going to open the blog with a friend and we were going to call it something like TVB Gossip but then the friend backed out so I was left on my own. Well, I decided not to go with TVB Anything because that would restrict me to just TVB and there were already a lot of TVB blogs out there anyways. Thinking of a name for the blog was really tough so I left it up to fate. Later when I went to sleep, the name Celsius Thoughts suddenly came to me and the next day the blog was born.

Why are you called Celsius?
Because of Fahrenheit. Celsius is always with Fahrenheit on the thermometer so it felt right to call myself Celsius. Kelvin was a choice too but you don't see that on thermometers too much and plus it sounds too real. 

Who/What inspired you to blog?
TVB Dramas and TVB Bloggers. Virtues of Harmony 2 led me to MetalAznWarrior and his TVB Musings Blog. His writing is superb and thought-provoking. And his comics are hilarious! 

Will Celsius-Thoughts close down one day?
There is a beginning and an end to everything. When will the end come? I don't know. Truthfully speaking, I have at some points thought of closing down this blog but I couldn't bring myself to do that.