February 03, 2012

Winter Acting 2012

Winter semester ended not too long ago; spring semester began not too long ago. And already, I'm missing my winter acting class. Yes, that's right! The drama addict in me jumped at the chance to register for a winter acting class. And it was the best choice I've ever made in my life! We did quite a few mini projects to help us become risk takers. One of which was to hop on a train and yell "Yes" with a strong, positive energy. The thought of doing that freaked me out at first but eventually I got over that anxiety and did it. People stared and then went back to doing whatever they were doing. Very fun experience.

Acting class is just too awesome to describe with just plain words, you just gotta experience it yourself! So if you ever have a chance to take an acting class in college or in high school or anywhere, go for it! Just go for it! Acting class is the best class I ever took in my entire education.