January 08, 2012

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau confirms they’re dating

Article and Pictures from cfensi

2011 was the year for Yang Mi. From the most influential drama of the year to the  highest grossing horror film in Chinese history all the way to a musical debut, the actress finally reached a top after 20 years in the industry (she’s only 25).  To top it all off, Yang Mi admitted today that she was dating actor Hawick Lau. The story has resulted in more than16 million weibo’s after less than two hours.
According to Yang Mi, the two became good friends during the filming of upcoming drama Ruyi. She then introduced him to her company, and he ended his long independent actor status. Hawick Lau recently called Yang Mi in a surprise phone call on Happy Camp, and the two filmed a MV together for Yang Mi’s new album.
In an interview published today to Southern Metro Weekly, Yang Mi said that previously, she always thought she was too busy for a relationship ( I don’t know how she has room for anything else given her workaholic attitudes), but found new confidence in Hawick Lau.

“To be honest I’ve thought about dating, but never really wanted to date because I felt like dating is a waste of time. I’m too busy with work and has been afraid I won’t have time to face a relationship, but you can find confidence and security on this person. It’s really hard for me to trust someone, and he can make me trust him,” said Yang Mi. “This circle is very fast-paced and superficial, and many, including me, have gotten bad habits. But when I’m working with him, I’ll reflect on myself. I’ve never met someone who could make me do that. ”
The publishing of the interview was followed by a weibo announcement by Hawick Lau a few minutes ago.
“I can finally loudly say I have a girlfriend! I want to apologize to everyone who’s been caring and worrying about my relationship status. This unveiling took a lot of courage. Little Mi is very insecure, so I hope everyone can support her and protect her. She says that she hopes everyone can look at us like other friends who are dating. If we can receive your blessings we’ll be very thankful,” said Hawick Lau. “A new relationship is little a budding treeling and must be protected. Because of work, it’s seems not so simple at all to have a simple relationship. I just want to say it’s difficult to meet someone who I love, and I really want to treat this relationship seriously and be together. As a man, I will try my hardest and do everything possible to protect everyone near me and this little treeling. @Yang Mi.”

What a big bomb to wake up to this morning! Pretty lady, handsome boy~ congrats to them!!! I give them my most heartfelt blessings and hope they'll end up walking down the aisle one day. No pressure. Hahahahahaa. 
Responses from the couples' good friends: 
Qi Wei: Look, you two announce your relationship, I get @ like crazy...thanks everyone for your concern, don't worry about me. This betrayal in my harem, first time 'round it's foreign, second time 'round I'm used to it, I have experience, besides people have to be open minded: I fervently send my blessings, adding a song: If love forgets, tears don't want to fall, those blessings, let him reach it for me. 
Gao Hao: Mi Sis, Support the bravery of you two, wish you and my big bro, Hawick, happiness! 
Tang Yan: 2012's first post is my blessings to you guys! My beloved mi, I admire your bravery and our determination to find true love. We said before that we need to be happy...now you have Hawick to take care of you, very free from anxiety now. There's a saying that women in love are most beautiful so please remember the you right now is is most beautiful....enjoy the sweetness that belongs to you guys, treasure it, must be happy! Now I want to begin singing: sweet as honey... 
Cherry Ying: Send my blessings to Hawick - Yangmi love
Tong Li Ya: The color of happiness can be seen, this happiness is witnessed by everyone. Love, needs this kind of courage...in this turmoil world, being able to simply love what I want to love is an extravagant wish, sincerely full of admiration. Xiao Mi, Hawick, continue to love...my blessings to Yangmi, Hawick. 
Liu Shi Shi: Aiya, aiya~ I got burst by bubbles of happiness! blessings, blessings, in sweetness! 
Dong Xuan: Blessings! Happiness forever!   
Ada Choi:  Must be happy! Fully support! Being in love is most valuable! (Now that you've gone public, you can freely hug and kiss in the streets! Treat her well!) Congrats congrats! 
Myolie Wu: Congrats, you two!!! 
Yuan Hong: Congrats, a couple in happiness
And much much moreeeee!!! 

January 02, 2012

A Knock on the Head

Happy New Year! May all your New Year resolutions come true! Let's celebrate with a video of Nicky and Shi Shi hand in hand dueting "Season of Waiting". My favorite part is at 1:15 when Nicky gently knocks her head! That was quite random but cute! Hahahahahaa! 

(WOO! I can finally embed videos from youku~)