September 03, 2012

Scar of Heaven Ending Thoughts

This picture is so cutee! Too bad, it's a picture of a family that only exists in art. Ningke...died and reincarnated as a raven. She has to go through 500 years before she can become human; I don't know if her kid and Tuo can even survive that long. They might have to go through multiple cycles before ending together again. Out of all the characters, they had the toughest luck and life. One is human, one is demon, and they did the unspeakable and broke the boundaries of the three worlds. I luf this couple so much even though they are like the "evil" ones in the story. However, this couple was not enough to save this drama for me. This drama was like Chinese Paladin 1 and Chinese Paladin 3 mixed together in a blender. There were too many scenes that were borrowed from the former two dramas that made this drama lose its individuality. For example, the scene where some kind of disease turns infected people into zombie/vampires was totally borrowed from CP3, with the same humor points too. No good, show! And the main character of the show, whom I thought all along was Chen Jing Chou, was a coward all the way through. He had really poor character development that I wonder how the hell did he defeat the big bad evil Demon Lord in the end. Must have cheated! Liu Shi Shi, she is one heck of an actress! This girl aced her role as the cheeky and proud Second Princess. I'm just sad she had less screen time than Xiao Xue. 

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