September 03, 2012

Scar of Heaven Ending Thoughts

This picture is so cutee! Too bad, it's a picture of a family that only exists in art. Ningke...died and reincarnated as a raven. She has to go through 500 years before she can become human; I don't know if her kid and Tuo can even survive that long. They might have to go through multiple cycles before ending together again. Out of all the characters, they had the toughest luck and life. One is human, one is demon, and they did the unspeakable and broke the boundaries of the three worlds. I luf this couple so much even though they are like the "evil" ones in the story. However, this couple was not enough to save this drama for me. This drama was like Chinese Paladin 1 and Chinese Paladin 3 mixed together in a blender. There were too many scenes that were borrowed from the former two dramas that made this drama lose its individuality. For example, the scene where some kind of disease turns infected people into zombie/vampires was totally borrowed from CP3, with the same humor points too. No good, show! And the main character of the show, whom I thought all along was Chen Jing Chou, was a coward all the way through. He had really poor character development that I wonder how the hell did he defeat the big bad evil Demon Lord in the end. Must have cheated! Liu Shi Shi, she is one heck of an actress! This girl aced her role as the cheeky and proud Second Princess. I'm just sad she had less screen time than Xiao Xue. 

September 02, 2012

It's Not Goodbye MV


He is an absolute master at acting with the eyes! He could be a ninja and I could tell how he's feeling at the moment. His eyes are so remarkably full of soul. Anyways, some talented master created this MV and it's just so perfect. The music, the scenes from "Waking Love Up", it's perfection at its best. From reel life to real life, let's just hope the rumors are true. =)

Home Sweet Home

Bazinga! I'm back, buddy bud buds~! It's been a while since I've visited my third "home". I miss thee so much. I miss my Autumn's Concerto blogging days. That was probably one of the few times where my blogging fire was high on passion. I remember coming home everyday searching excitedly for more news or sneak peaks and replying to everyone's comments. Those were the good old days. Unfortunately, after AC ended, my blogging fire also slowly began to die down, but I kept going until I couldn't go on any further. I needed a rest, a break, an escape. Days passed, weeks passed, and months passed before I came back to this home. Home sweet home. Bloggie, I'm back, bloggie. I've rested enough. Bloggie, even though I'm back, I don't know what direction I'm going to take you anymore. Let's just sail the ocean blues, wherever it takes us. =)

My last year at college just started last week. And surprisingly, I look forward to it a lot. I'm not even fazed by the amount of homework, projects or papers required for each class. I feel like I've doing this for forever now; I'm kind of used to it now. One more semester before I start my student teaching, one more test before I get my teacher's certificate, one more step before I move onto the "real" world. And I'm having mixed feelings about it already. It's certainly going to take some time to get used to working working working versus going to classes, taking notes, studying, going home, etc. College life seems to offer a lot more variety than real life. But what the heck, whatever happens happens. 

This past summer, I got a blissful opportunity to work with high school students on preparing them for the August Integrated Algebra regents. I gained so much from this internship and I'm ever grateful for this opportunity. It has made my passion for teaching grow even stronger than before. And here I'd like to share a quote I found, "My mission is to experience life through…teaching others. "

Enjoy the school year if you're starting or already started school!