March 24, 2012

Inborn Pair Episode 4 Memorable Dialogues

Credit Sanlih
偉翔: 我這輩子第一次被警察追, 第一次被警察拿搶對著我, 第一次被銬上手銬送進警察局就是為了把那張准考證送到妳手上. 因為我答應了妳, 所以我盡了我最大的努力沒有送到我很抱歉
Wei Xiang: For the first time in my life, I got chased by the police, for the first time, the police pointed a gun at me, for the first time, I got arrested and sent to the police station and it's all for delivering that admission to your hands. Because I promised you so I gave it my best. I'm sorry for not getting it in your hands. 

宋爸: 奕婕, 爸爸沒有辦法陪妳長大妳一定要好好聽爺爺和媽媽的話. 如果可以當個律師不要被人欺負要好好保護別人
Song Ba: Yi Jie, Dad can't grow up with you. You must listen Grandpa and your mom. If you could become a lawyer, don't get bullied and help protect other people. 

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