March 23, 2012

Inborn Pair Episode 3 Memorable Dialogues

Credit Sanlih

奕婕: 這就是證據
偉翔: 這血不是妳的!
奕婕: 孤男寡女共處一室. 這血不是我的難道是你的
偉翔: 本來就是我的

Yi Jie: This is evidence
Wei Xiang: This blood isn't yours! 
Yi Jie: A guy and a girl alone in a room. If this blood isn't mine, don't tell me it's yours! 
Wei Xiang: It is mine! 

奕婕:  我宋奕婕為了保護我們家什麼事情都做的出來. 不信的話你試試看
Yi Jie: I, Song Yi Jie, for the sake of protecting my family will do anything! If you don't believe me, try it! 

奕婕: 爸, 還是你的眼力好. 我就是那個在家裡飯店跟偉翔共度一夜的那個女生也就是你們未來的媳婦
偉翔: 爸媽, 不要聽她胡說. 她是來鬧的
奕婕: 親愛的難道你想否認. 是你自己到我家說你是我的男朋友說想為那天晚上的事情負責. 難道你是存心想要欺騙我這個善良的弱女子難道你是花言巧語無情無義的負心漢

Yi Jie: Dad, your eyesight is the best. I'm the girl that spend the night at the family hotel with Ke Wei Xiang, in other words, I'm your daughter in law. 
Wei Xiang: Dad Mom, don't listen to her. She's here to mess around. 
Yi Jie: Darling, don't tell me you're denying this. You were the one who came to my house and said that you're my boyfriend and that you'll take responsibility for that night. Don't tell me you deliberately deceive a nice weak girl like me. Don't tell me you're just a flowery, heartless, and faithless man! 

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