March 23, 2012

Inborn Pair Episode 2 Memorable Dialogues

Credit Sanlih 
宋媽媽: 年輕人, 請問你結婚了沒有
偉翔: 我... 
阿公:  沒禮貌. 哪有第一次見面就問人家又沒有結婚. 娶老婆了沒?
宋媽媽: 還不是一樣

Song Ma Ma: Young man, are you married 
Wei Xiang: I...
Ah Gong: No manners. Who ask people if they are married on their first meeting. Do you a wife?
Song Ma Ma: Same thing

宋媽媽:我們的天霸王教我們做釘子戶. 要做釘子戶沒有那麼簡單, 要有三個條件. 第一個條件要懂得法律程序. 第二個條件要臉皮夠厚, 表情夠狠, 嘴巴要會罵, 最重要的是要有耍無賴的精神, 就是我. 第三個條件...
阿公: 就是我, 家裡有一個瘦不拉嘰, 弱不禁風, 一碰就要送醫院的老頭在. 這樣的話, 不管他們用軟的用硬的我們都準備好等他們. 我們決定要當史上最牛的釘子戶

Song Ma Ma: Our overlord taught us to be nail house. Being a nail house is not that easy, there are three conditions. The first condition is you must understand the order of the law. Second, you must be bold without shame, your expression must be fierce, your mouth must be able to scold, and most important is you must have carry the spirit of playing rogue, and that's me. The third condition..
Ah Gong: is me, there has to be a skinny weakling that's extremely fragile, one touch will send him to the hospital. That way, it doesn't matter whether they go soft or go hard, we'll be ready for them. We've decided to be history's greatest nail house.


偉翔: 想要釣到魚就要像魚一樣思考
Wei Xiang: If you want to catch a fish, you must think like a fish

奕婕: 當一個人的夢想被打碎的時候, 你還可以理智你還可以冷靜嗎?!?!
Yi Jie:  When a person's dream is crushed into pieces, can they still be reasonable, can they still be calm?!?!

奕婕:  當律師是我對人的承諾, 多等一天就等於我要多失信一天, 多等一年就等於我要多失信一年!
Yi Jie:  Being a lawyer is my promise to someone, waiting one more day means I break my promise for another day, waiting one more year means I have to break my promise for another year! 

巴珍: 就是妳!就是妳搶走我的男人,破壞我的愛情,毀掉我的生命
Ba Zhen: It's you! It's you who stole my man, wrecked my love, destroyed my life! 

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