August 27, 2011

Irene is coming

Hurricane Irene is coming tomorrow! 

Hopefully, it won't be as severe as the media depicts it to be! 

I got my candles, batteries, and flashlights just in case power goes out.

Edit: *whew* Bye Irene! Don't come back!

Irene did not do as much damage as it was predicted to do by experts and the media.

That's a good thing. It's still very windy out and many places are flooded. But everything seems to be fine now.

Just have to wait for the MTA to get back on track now so I can go to school on Monday. 

August 22, 2011

Picture of the Day

危警官, 在想柔姊姊嗎? 笑得那麼甜蜜~

Unbeatable II 无懈可击之高手如林 Afterthoughts

The main storyline wavered between boring and exciting. It was very different from the first one. The first one was very modern, stylish, and thrilling! They had secrets that had to be uncovered through very dangerous means. They had to join together to beat this almighty international evil organization. The storyline of Unbeatable I was exciting! Unbeatable II, on the other hand, has a much toned down storyline. The almighty international evil organization is weaker than they were portrayed in Unbeatable I. And they don't do much in the second season besides providing financial support to their minions. Another reason why Unbeatable I was more captivating is the portrayal of office politics. In an all female environment. High EQ girl vs. High EQ girl. On the surface, they seem to be having a normal conversation but under the table, every line has a double meaning. 

In terms of storyline, Unbeatable I wins. In terms of relationships, Unbeatable II wins. Why? Unbeatable I had Kelly with Huang Kai, Cherry with Zhuo Yuan, Sharon with Kevin.  Of the three, my favorite is Sharon and Kevin. In Unbeatable II, there are Xu Ran with Qi Qi, Jiang Dong with Lu Fei, and Wei Xiao with Ye Rou. And my favorite is of course, Wei Xiao with Ye Rou. It happens that Ye Rou and Sharon are both played by the same actress, Stephy Qi Wei. Therefore, the real showdown is Kevin vs. Wei Xiao. And Wei Xiao wins by lots of miles! He's funny and he's not even trying to be funny. Also, I'd add that he has the best script lines. Who can forget "I don't use shampoo, I use soap"! 

Wei Xiao and Ye Rou are the main reason why I continued watching this drama. Otherwise, I would have given up a long time ago. Their bickering takes bickering to a whole new level. I'm in the process of documenting all their interactions in the drama. What really breaks my heart with this couple is that their scenes are cut left and right, to the point, where their love storyline becomes very choppy. What a pity. They were such an powerful pairing! Whoever was doing the editing was quite ruthless towards this couple. I mean, the reason for all this editing is because they're going to have sequel that focuses on them, right? (cross fingers and hope) Their relationship is very fun to explore. An older woman who sees nightclubs as a second home paired up with a younger man whose mother once objected to his brother marrying a much older woman. The woman is a PR director of a large company turned PR director of a smaller company, while he is a civilian police turned superstar. Yepp, they definitely need a sequel. 

I skipped most of Hu Ge scenes with Tang Yan. The problem is not with the actors but with the character, Tang Qi Qi. She seemed more like a third lead character that suddenly got the spotlight. Her character's only purpose was to be Xu Ran's love interest. What a waste of a good actress. This character was just too boring as in there were no qualities or personality traits that I come to admire. Her uselessness became apparent in the last episode. While everyone else was busy fighting the evil force, she spent the time pondering with her housemates on why Xu Ran broke up with her (in case you're wondering, he was trying to protect her). The reason why Xu Ran fell in love with this girl remains a mystery. 

In the end, the biggest highlight of this drama is the Wei Xiao and Ye Rou pairing. The editors are biased! They showed the five year later part of Xu Ran, Qi Qi, and Lu Fei but they left out Wei Xiao and Ye Rou! Very very sad! They leave us Xiao Rou fans hanging. Time to head to the bar to read fan written sequels! 


August 19, 2011

Stephen Wong Silently Waiting to Get Up Top

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Stephen Wong has already stepped into his 10th year in TVB. Perhaps it was because his personality is too passive that he still hasn't reached to the first or second line Siu Sang positions. Earlier his rumors got pretty heated up and suddenly he became 'lovesick'. However, he rather not have any news than to have negative news!

Looking smart and bright on the outside, Stephen has been in many TV series, and has left some impression on audience. He is currently accepting series after series in TVB and with a blink of an eye, it's already 10 years. To be successful in showbiz, aside from the hard work, the right time and place, relations with people is also very important. When asked why he still hasn't reached the first or second lead actor position yet and what is he lacking, Stephen said frankly: "I am a Sagittarius, should be a talkative person, but many times to avoid saying the wrong things, I rather not talk at all. Perhaps I have been too passive, silent and don't really know how get along with people." Earlier, Stephan was rumored with Natalie Tong and Coffee Lu. Suddenly becoming lovesick, he said: "Eat too much salty fish, worth the thirst. I got more magazine reports on my love life, many people will think that it's like that when your an artist, just think of it as promotion! But, I rather not have any news than to have negative news!"

In The Life and Times of a Sentinel, Stephen plays Lap Lan Sing Dak (Nalan Xingde), the first Qing Dynasty poet. He had to memorize long dialog, but does not think it's heavy or boring, it really challenges his skills. Any time Stephen has any difficulty in filming, he would think of big brother Kevin Cheng and second brother Kenneth Ma's advice: "Many times for us artists, if we can remember the dialog, then we can't remember the scene and positions. So I learned from my second brother (Kenneth), once I get the script, I would mark all the details down on a notepad. As for my big brother (Kevin), he told me to put in the effort to do the homework, no matter what role it is, must get into character. Many times, you have to hypnotize yourself, don't say you can't do it. A lot of times as an artist, you will go back to the situation beginning of your acting career, but you must tell yourself, I can do it. I won't compare with others."

I didn't know Stephen was a Sagittarius! But we're so similar! We're like the outliers of the Sagittarian clan. We're suppose to be talkative but we're not. We even have the same reason to be not talkative too! I try not to talk too much too because I know I'll end up saying the wrong things and then the situation takes a turn for the worst. =(

August 16, 2011

A Profound Self Evaluation Report

上司: 好,交班吧. 會去啊早點兒睡個覺 [Good, you can get off your workshift. Go home and sleep early]
危笑: 不睡,找女朋友去. 我不著急我媽都著急了 [Not sleeping, off to find girlfriend. Even if I'm not urgent, my mom is urgent]
Right after Wei Xiao says he's looking for a girlfriend, "girlfriend" comes in. Because she was speeding last time, she had to leave her car at the police station and write a self evaluation report. Oh man, who still writes those nowadays. Hahahahaha.

危笑: 來領車啊? 報告呢? [Coming to pick up your car? Your report?]
葉柔: 恩 [Em]
危笑: 我說了是深刻檢討. 不深刻打回重寫. 本人葉柔因為漠視交通法規更重要的是漠視生命導致在市區街道內高出速行駛並且危及危笑警官的生命. 試問如果我有一點對生命的尊重就不會將車直接對危笑警官撞過去.試問如果不是危笑警官身手敏捷, 這句寫的挺實在的, 也許我就害了一名優秀的人民警察. 寫得不錯 [I said it has to be a deep self evaluation. If it's not deep, then rewrite. I, Ye Rou, due to negligence of traffic rules and most importance negligence of life, resulted in speeding in the inner city streets, and also endangering Officer Wei's life. May I ask if I have a little respect for life then I wouldn't have directly drove into Officer Wei. May I ask if it weren't for Officer Wei's nimble agility, this phrase is written pretty true, perhaps I would have harmed an outstanding civil police. Written pretty well.]
葉柔: 那當然啊. 誰沒當過班幹部 [Of course, who hasn't been a class worker]
危笑: 照你這麼寫這是謀殺呀還是交通事故啊 [From your writing, this is a murder story or a traffic story]
葉柔: 這樣才深刻嘛. 危警官我畢業好長時間了都快忘得差不多了, 你讓我過關好不好? 拜託拜託 [It has deep impressions like this. Officer Wei, I've graduated for a long time, forgot almost everything, please let me pass, pretty please]
危笑: 汲取教訓啊 [Learn from your lesson]
葉柔: 一定 [Of course]
Yepps, definitely gotta learn some PR writing skills from Ye Rou. That might come handy in the future.

August 15, 2011

PR versus PD in 无懈可击之高手如林

Their first meeting ends up with Wei Xiao arresting Ye Rou for speeding (and knocking over his motorcycle). And because his motorcycle is now busted, he forcibly hitches a ride from Ye Rou to the police station. During the drive, Ye Rou (She's a Public Relations director, in other words, she gots people skills) tries to unhook herself from visiting the police station.

Ye Rou 葉柔: 我們也有針對男士的洗髮水. [We also have shampoo just for men]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 我不用洗髮水. 我用肥皂. [I don't use shampoo. I use soap]
HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA! I crumble on floor laughing! Ye Ruo tries so hard to use her people skills to get herself out of this mess and she fails! After the lure of men shampoo fails, she switches to You-are-extremely-handsome attack.

Ye Rou 葉柔: 您是我看過最帥的警察. 而且特別...特別.. [You are the most handsome cop I've ever seen....and also very...very...]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 知識豐富 [knowledgeable]
Ye Rou 葉柔: 對, 渊博, 而且時尚品味特別好跟我們的清楊品牌的形象特別的符合.不好意思, 不知道這樣說你們人民警察是不是合適 [Right, knowledgeable, also your fashion is very good, it especially matches with our Clear brand image. Sorry, not sure if you police are suitable]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 得了吧你. 把我當傻子啊. 隨便拍拍廣告吹吹頭髮聊聊洗髮水就可以把我哄高興了. 你們公關的職業不就是哄人嗎 [Alright you, treating me like a fool. Randomly shoot an ad, blow some hair, talk some shampoo to make me happy. You PR people's job is to coax people]
Ye Rou 葉柔: 其實沒有. 您是真得特別帥而且很時尚,重點是渊博 [Actually no, you are really handsome and very fashionable, the main point is knowledgeable]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 我知道我帥, 而且不傻, 到了. [I know I'm handsome, and also not dumb. We're here]
Doubling over with laughter! You know the ancient saying: One mountain is higher than the next. These two take cold humor to its extreme!

Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, and Wayne Lai In Fierce Best Actor Race

Thursday August 11, 2011 Hong Kong
Credits: to Jayne @ 


TVB’s Anniversary Awards were often regarded as the year-end report card for the company’s leading artists. The fight for TV King and TV Queen often grabbed the entire city’s attention. Unfortunately, the first half of 2011 did not yield any wildly popular series. Currently, Michael Tse’s (謝天華) Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>was considered to be the front-runner. To make the battle for TV King more intense, TVB will be airing Men With No Shadows <不速之約> and Forensic Heroes 3<法證先鋒III>in September and October respectively, adding Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)and Raymond Lam (林峯) to the Best Actor race!

Over the past eight months, no particular TVB series garnered extremely popular ratings or word-of-mouth. Earlier regarded as one of 2011’s heavy-hitters, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐>generated only mediocre ratings and response. Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>also failed to boost Moses Chan’s (陳豪) popularity higher. Branded as “ungrateful in love,” Moses’ character in Yes Sir, No Sir dragged down his image. The remaining series Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>and The Other Truth <真相>resulted in the audience’s favorable response towards Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

With the current broadcast of Lives of Omission in Hong Kong, Michael Tse was considered to be in the brightest spot. Allegedly, TVB did not want the TV King race to be one-sided. To increase the exciting atmosphere of the upcoming Anniversary Awards, TVB changed their strategy by adding Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai to the Best Actor battle. Due to the disappointing results of My Sister of Eternal Flower, this lowered Raymond Lam’s chances to win the TV King title. As a result, TVB decided to broadcast Men With No Shadows, which stars Raymond, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) on September 12, 2011.

In addition, two-time Best Actor, Wayne Lai’s Forensic Heroes 3 was currently in non-stop post-production work, hoping to catch the broadcast timeslot in October. This allows Wayne the opportunity to join the battle for TV King and enhance the competitive atmosphere. Forensic Heroes 3 Producer, Miu Siu Ching (梅小青), uploaded two promotional clips of the series on her blog, attracted lively discussion among netizens. Barring unforeseen circumstances, this year’s TV King race should be between Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, and Wayne Lai!

Regarding plans to film a new “Laughing Gor” movie, Michael Tse said, “Whether the plans for this movie are definite or not, we have to wait for the official announcement.” Michael revealed that the new Laughing Gor movie should start shooting in late September 2011. New roles and actors will be added to the movie, which may be a departure from Lives of Omission. Regarding outside speculations that TVB was interested to crown Michael as the new TV King, he stated, “By the time the movie is done, it will be released at year-end. As you know, the TVB Anniversary Awards will also occur at year-end, which turns out to be a timing coincidence!”

With Lives of Omission achieving average ratings of 29 points in its first week of broadcast and peaking at 33 points (approximately 2.09 million viewers), Michael admitted that the ratings were a good start. To his knowledge, in Lives of Omission’s first week of broadcast, the series’ website received 2.2 million hits. Michael hoped that the ratings would continue to improve.

Asked whether this will increase his confidence in becoming TV King, Michael said, “It is only August now. There is still a period of time before the year-end Anniversary Awards. Of course, the more people supporting Lives of Omission, my confidence will become greater.”

Asked whether he wanted to receive the TVB Best Actor Award, Michael replied, “Every parent wants their child to earn the top score, rather than the bottom score.” (Do you have confidence?) “I have confidence in everything I do.”

Of these three guys, I have the most confidence in Michael Tse. His performance in Lives of Omission is top notch. He's chocking in every scene and it's a different kind of chok each time! Hahahaha! Raymond, on the other hand, is joining the race with Men With no Shadows. I'm very iffy about Raymond right now because his past roles have been far from spectacular, they're at most mediocre. I'd wish he spent more time brushing up his acting than his singing. Wayne is joining with Forensic Heroes III. I'm not worried about Wayne at all, I'm very confident and looking forward to his performance. But the only thing that's bothering me is Forensic Heroes III itself. The original cast has been obliterated in the casting and it's like a totally new storyline that's trying to ride on the tail of the Forensic Heroes story. 

August 14, 2011

The Result of Offending a Woman

Ye Ruo finds out that her boyfriend of 3 years, megastar Zhang Da Yu, is cheating on her. She confronts him and he dumps on the spot. She confronts him again and he insults her for being a calculating, revenge thirsty old lady...

Zhang Da Yu 張大宇: ...你就是這樣的老女人, 葉柔 [You are this kind of old lady, Ye Rou]

Ye Rou 葉柔:  沒你媽老 [Not as old as your mom]

Holy snap! That was insulting on both ends but you gotta admit she had a nice comeback! HAHAHA! 

Candlelit Dinner

Candlelit dinner, anyone? HAHAHAHHAAA! 

Laughing hacked Madam Jo's phone and listens to her talk to herself about her dinner plans. She opts for a candlelit dinner with lamb chop and red wine. And he follows along...with a very...creative candlelit dinner. 

My favorite is the orange with the birthday candles. 

ok, I'm out to buy some oranges...

August 12, 2011

Qi Wei - 没收 Confiscate

And this is why I'm watching Unbeatable II. Just for them. It sucks that they have so little screen time together. Like please producer, stop hurting us and feed us more of their scenes! 

Anyhows, this song, Confiscate, was tailored for Stephy Qi Wei by her mentor. It's an insert song for Unbeatable II. Woohoo! 

没收 - 戚薇

谁才是对的人 早已经有线索
快乐轻而易举 我说不上道理
今天起就是你 不只是我的朋友
谁才是对的人 早已经有线索
快乐轻而易举 我说不上道理
今天起就是你 不只是我的朋友
快乐轻而易举 我说不上道理
今天起就是你 不只是我的朋友

August 07, 2011

Qi Wei & Van Fan - In Between Black and White

(女)漆黑的夜 空的房间
(男)想写首歌 让你听见
(合)爱对我而言 不再只是许愿
(合)黑白之间 弹出了彩色的画面
(男)呼吸再远 音符都在你耳边
(合)时间按下了和弦 成全我们的表演
(合)黑白之间 弹出了彩色的永远
(合)音乐停止了 爱蔓延
(合)音乐停止了 爱蔓延

It's the ending song of Unbeatable 2 which was just released yesterday! This song was written by Qi Wei, the female singer of this song. She also plays a PR executive in the show.  By the way, she's one of my favorite actress from mainland China (shined via her outstanding performance in Unbeatable 1). This girl gots integrity off screen too. If you haven't heard of it, she got dropped from a movie for refusing to sell herself. Read more here. Kudos to her! With her talented acting and singing skills, she can definitely rise to the top. Back to this song, it scores big, 3 pointer! I'm totally blown away by Van when he sings  "..在你耳边" @ 1:33 in falsetto. Wow! And when their voices harmonize, it pulls some heartstrings! Watch Unbeatable 2 here

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang

Congratulations to Jason and Nana!!! They just announced yesterday that they are getting married! In case you're wondering, Jason Zhang is one of the top singers in China, amazing voice. Nana is a top host in China, very interesting and hilarious person! Read more about their story here

August 03, 2011

People who can pull off the Killer Mustache Look

Ruco Chan and his mustache in Only You makes him insanely handsome and reek of manliness! 

Hu Bing~ he's another insanely handsome mustache dude except you don't see much of it in his picture but I promise if you watch Unbeatable you will be like W...o...W peanut butter

Who in the world does not know Godfrey Gao? Shame on you. Already so handsome without the mustache, super insanely handsome with the mustache. 


August 02, 2011

Hottest Song in Taiwan

This song exploded in Taiwan the day it came out, because it's soo...bad. It's so bad, it's kinda addicting. I admit. 

Actually,it's not as bad as people claim it to be, although it is very different from what we're used to hearing nowadays.

August 01, 2011

Favorite Weibo of the Day


I hope, that in each subsequent year, there will be someone to accompany Chen Xin Yi on her birthday; 
I hope, there will be no one to bully Chen Xin Yi;
I hope, Chen Xin Yi can find someone who can really understand her, a good man that'll treasure her. 

From Weibo

Seriously, that's how I feel every time I finish watching episode 9 of FTLY.