December 18, 2011

Justice Served for Second Leads

2007 was Fated to Love You & My Lucky Star
2009 was Autumn’s Concerto
2011 is In Time With You

It looks like every odd year an exceptional drama will come out and make me go crazy for it and then make me feel depressed when it ends. Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be tortured with the waiting.

In Time With You has…it has…surpassed Autumn’s Concerto. The camera movement, the directing, the acting, and the storyline are all absolutely stunning. It’s truly a well-crafted piece of artwork that goes above and beyond.(But I still love Autumn's Concerto, just that, I now also love In Time With You)

In Time With You is a special drama that deserves its own special category. It is in no way, shape, or form an idol drama. If this was an idol drama, Ding Li Wei would be the male lead, and Li Da Ren would be the second male lead. Thank goodness, this is not an idol drama. Also, Ariel is an actress, not an idol. And Wilson Chen is an actor, not an idol. Put this actress and this actor together, and you’ve got Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren. They’re best friends and nothing more than best friends, but in their hearts, they yearn to be more than just best friends. But this drama is more than just being about platonic friendships. It’s also a drama dedicated to the second male leads who are often thrown to the side like spaghetti. This is Li Da Ren’s, Hua Tuo Ye’s(Autumn’s Concerto), Dylan’s (Fated to Love You), and all second male leads’ story. This drama is their voice. Thank you, director, for making them the lead after so many years. Thank you.

Did you notice that there were three pairs of platonic friends, three pairs of Cheng You Qings and Li Da Rens. The first pair is Da Ren’s mom and Uncle Bai. They got married. The second pair is Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren. They also got married. The last pair is Ping An and Chen Kai. They are still lost in the maze. Right now, those two are at the same stage where Li Da Ren told Cheng You Qing that he doesn’t like girls like her. Perhaps 10 years later, they will end up like You Qing and Da Ren or maybe 40 years later, they’ll end up like Da Ren’s mom and Uncle Bai. Either way, they still have lots of corners to turn. I love all those scenes where Da Ren just stands back and watches the two of them walk down the very same path that he and You Qing are walking on. Hopefully, their next stop will be happiness. 

The last episode exploded. With hugs and kisses and sweetness and goosebumps. I’ve never seen Li Da Ren smile so much and so wide before! He’s a very happy man. A very attentive happy man. My favorite scene in the last episode was Da Ren’s lame proposal and his lame diamond ring! HAHAHAHAHA! You Qing was like, “I’ve never heard such a lame proposal before. Even the ring is like this.” Hahahahaa. Happiness is like this.

Da Ren waited 10 years for Cheng You Qing. And I waited 21 years for Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing to get married. And they did. On my birthday. =D 


  1. Is this even possible?! A drama that has surpassed the very title of this blog?

    Haha, sounds nice. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.


    what to do? what to do? 我好花心啊. 哈哈哈

  3. surprised that this has risen to the top of your list!
    i must say i feel the same way! from the very first episode, i knew "in time with you" had the potential to be very good. now 13 episodes later, it has far surpassed my expectations to become a CLASSIC. you are right, this is NOT an idol drama. it just happens to have the glossy packaging of one and its stars are super photogenic. it is one of the most well-crafted and realistic depictions of friendship and love ive seen in any drama. this is what real love should be.

    i especially liked that one scene in episode 7 when maggie asks 李大仁 what is it about 又青 that makes him 怦然. as the camera softly focuses on wilson chens very emotive eyes, he says "很多...經常...不勝枚舉". that was so beautiful. you really could feel how much 大仁 loved, cherished, adored 又青, and how it is reflected in every minute of his living, whether consciously or subconsciously. a man who felt a certain way about you fifteen years ago, who feels the same way about you today, and who will feel the same way about you fifteen years from now. that is basically every single girls dream man. the sort of love that will 歷久彌新...even if it isnt 高潮迭起, even if it doesnt have 驚天動地的 moment. that is what makes life worth living.

    of course it is also very important to have friends as awesome and family as loving as theirs. both 又青 and 大仁 are so 幸福, it makes the audience feel 幸福 too!

    might i also add, i especially liked the bit in the final episode where they have a fight and 又青 runs away to her parents place. in the taxi she calls her very best friend to talk about her unhappiness. i thought that was very sweet the scriptwriters showed us this scene, as it truly highlights their promise to stay by each others side no matter what may happen in the future. if any two people can withstand the test of time, 又青 and 大仁 can. =)