November 11, 2011

Denise Ho 何韻詩 - 癡情司 Infatuation Department

一生為還淚而來  我為的是我的心 - 林黛玉
This life, I came to return the tears, it's for my heart - Lin Dai Yu 

Denise Ho invites Shu Qi to take part in this aesthetically moving MV about a love that has reached its time on Earth. Denise and Shu Qi,respectively, take on the roles of Bao Yu and Dai Yu, the tragic couple in one of China's most reverent novel, "Dream of the Red Chamber". 

黛玉: 我現在捨不得
Dai Yu: Right now, I'm reluctant.

寶玉: 我知道
Bao Yu: I know

黛玉: 我們會再見面嗎
Dai Yu: Will we meet again?

寶玉: 要分開了 才能再見面
Bao Yu: One has to separate in order to meet again

黛玉: 那麼我們在見面的時候 會分開嗎
Dai Yu: Then when we meet, will we separate?

寶玉: 還會
Bao Yu: We still will.

黛玉: 既然還能見面 為什麼還要分開
Dai Yu: Since we can still meet, why must we still separate?

寶玉: 因為這樣我才能掛念你
Bao Yu: Because this way, I will worry about you.

黛玉: 淚還完了  我就會主動回到天上 我回去會做些什麼

Dai Yu: Tears have been returned. I will go back to Heavens. What will I do when I go back?

寶玉: 會等
Bao Yu: Will wait.

黛玉: 你的心裏只有我嗎
Dai Yu: In your heart, is there only me?
寶玉: 不 你就是我的心
Bao Yu: No, you are my heart

黛玉: 等會痛嗎
Dai Yu: Waiting, does it hurt?

寶玉: 一點點
Bao Yu: A little
寶玉: 你好. 

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