October 13, 2011

Office Girls Episode 2 Summary

Office Girls is a very typical idol drama. It screams idol drama in every sense and scene. Exaggerated actions and expressions, rich guy and poor girl, male lead is the silly one, male second lead is the talented one, female lead is gullible, female second lead is pretty and evil, topped off with the wacky suporting actors. It uses the same old formula but yet it's so darn addicting. And that has to do with the chemistry among the cast, the acting skills of the actors, and the tiny quirks that they inject into their characters.

Roy's acting has improved by leaps and bounds. There's something very special about him that makes me focus all my attention on him whenever he comes on the screen. Another scene stealer is Patrick Li, the very wacky manager who likes to play with dinosaurs. He's so over with his expressions and actions. He's hilarious! Put the two scene stealers together, and it's a battle of the wits.

Recapping Office Girls is turning out to be quite difficult. Most of the laughing points are with the actors' expressions and actions.  Recapping it totally can not express the silliness in their expression and actions. For Office Girls, it's actually better to watch it than read it. But I'm not giving up, kekeke. Here goes episode 2:

Alpha male flexes his muscles and speaks all English. "Double Expresso...and ice cream..Blueberry, thanks". Xing Ren is totally not impress and shoots him a stare. I, too, would killer stare anyone who tries to interrupt my conversation with my idol~

Xing Ren uses this perfect opportunity to sell her idol a propasal to bring his clothing line to the mall. And she gets rejected. Zi Qi shall be patient no more and criticizes Cheng Feng for not even looking at the proposal. That earns him another death glare and the exit. Aww, he doesn't even get to drink his Espresso or eat his Blueberry Ice Cream.

While waiting outside for his partner, Dad drives up to see how his son is faring. His son is doing very well: he has a roof over his head, a window to get fresh air, and a toilet to perform excretion. He's fine, he claims. Zi Qi gets out of the car just as Xing Ren leaves the coffee house. She recognizes the car as the Director's car.

Uh Oh, Zi Qi's cover is blown...or maybe not. She makes the connection that Zi Qi might be related to the Director, since they both have the same surname. Zi Qi comes out clean and tells her that he's the Director's son. She immediately slaps his chest for trying to deceive her because everyone knows that the Director's son got into a car accident last year in American and became a vegetable. Everyone, except Zi Qi. Dot Dot Dot. Why would any parent curse their child like that...

Zi Qi walks off  in disbelief while Xing Ren looks on thinking that he's being overly emotional.

Back at the office, Manager She Te Long, or Stallone, strokes his toy dinosaur in anticipation of good news from Xing Ren. The higher you soar, the faster you fall. Once Xing Ren steps into the office, Manager She Te Long starts sucking up to her until Zi Qi breaks the news that Yu Cheng Feng refused the offer.  And she receives a huge scolding.

Back at their opposing desks, Zi Qi annoys her by playing with a toy Bullseye and that results in her throwing a paper tower at him, missing by an inch. "You missed". She then picks up a cactus plant and he immediately apologizes. Ha Ha Ha.

Zi Qi gets off work first and goes home. There's a girl sitting on the steps and she's here to deliver a box to his neighbors upstairs, but they are not home. The girl guilt trips Zi Qi into taking the package for them and paying for it too. Evening comes, and Zi Qi goes upstairs to hand over the package and get his money. Both parties are surprised to learn they are neighbors. Le Le opens the box to examine its content, only to find empty glass bottles. They got scammed. And...they don't give Zi Qi back his money. It really wasn't his fault...poor guy.

He's officially broke. But he does have enough to afford a rice ball at the local 7-11. It's his first time eating a  rice ball from a plastic wrapping. He calls his friend to borrow some money, but he don't have any extra money to spare. Great friend, eh.

 Feeling bad for ripping the guy off, Xing Ren invites Zi Qi to have dinner with them. Except it's not free. Hahaha. She's charging him $50 NTD per meal. Over so called dinner, they discuss how they could appeal to Yu Cheng Feng since he's not after the money. While discussing, broccoli war ensures. Zi Qi who harbors a dislike for broccoli, merely passes the broccoli onto Xing Ren's plate while talking. Xing Ren returns the favor and returns his brunch of broccoli. Hahaha, these two...

 The next day, Le Le tags along with them to go meet Yu Cheng Feng. Of course, Le Le's only purpose of being there is to meet the designer's dashing assistant, Michael. It turns out Yu Cheng Feng is not in his office today. He calls Michael to meet him at another address. Michael writes it down on a post it and then leaves. Le Le is in la la land.

Zi Qi must a lot of cop shows because he takes the next post it and uses an eyeliner pencil to reveal Yu Cheng Feng's location. BINGO! Zi Qi goes to meet Yu Cheng Feng while Xing Ren rushes home to grab something.

Zi Qi meets Yu Cheng Feng at a shooting range. Xing Ren still hasn't arrive yet so Zi Qi tries to stall Cheng Feng by challenging him to a match. But the designer declines, "I don't like meaningless competition". He just said Zi Qi is not worth his time! *gasp*

Xing Ren finally arrives just as Cheng Feng speeds out towards the exit.  She takes a white dress that she bought from Cheng Feng years ago for her graduation. She kept to this day, and she hopes that by using this dress, Cheng Feng would change his mind and put his clothing line at the mall so that more people can buy it and wear his brand. Very nice try, but the answer is still no.

Back at the office, Xing Ren and Zi Qi gets scolded by Manager Stallone again. Zi Qi goes out to check the floors. He's in the lingerie store when he stumbles into a mannequin and break her arm. Cheng Kai Er, his crush, amuses at the sight and walks over. Zi Qi quickly explains that he was just adjusting the mannequin's angle to best attract customer eyesight or something like that.

Kai Er invites him out to dinner. She's paying because he's got no moolah. Kai Er's purpose for this dinner is to test her suspicions about Zi Qi's background. She's already suspecting that he is the Director's son. If that's the case, she has landed herself a big fish. Luck is on her side because Zi Qi has shown been showering her with interest.

Meanwhile, Xing Ren is wondering why Zi Qi still hasn't come up for dinner yet. She goes down to his apartment leaves a sticky note on his door.

A drunk Zi Qi comes home and sees the post it. He makes it up to the top and stumbles into Xing Ren's apartment. He calls for her but no one answers. He cannonballs himself onto the sofa and then decides he wants to take a shower.

Xing Ren is in the showers singing Wu Ding, or Roof Top. Zi Qi is also in the bathroom, stripped naked, dueting Wu Ding with her. At first, neither realizes that the other is in the bathroom until a moment later.

They both see each other butt naked....well, that's a first for a shower scene. It used to be only one person was naked, now it's both. Hahahahahaha!

Xing Ren fights for the shower curtain and loses. She screams and runs out. Zi Qi is dazed and stays on the floor, covering himself with the shower curtain. Le Le comes home and screams when she sees Zi Qi sitting on her bathroom floor. She takes a peek. HA HA HA~

After Zi Qi gets dressed, Xing Ren kicks him out of her apartment, warning him not to say anything about the embarrassing bathroom incident. He retorts that she got the better deal in the end. Oh, cheeky!

That piques Le Le's interest. She starts pestering Xing Ren, "So what did you see". "Nothing!" "Oh" Hahaha, look at her reaction!

The next day at the office, an awkward air flows between Zi Qi and Xing Ren's desk. Suddenly, the phone rings and Xing Ren receives the news that Yu Cheng Feng is on his way over to the mall.

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