October 09, 2011

Office Girls Episode 1 Summary

I promise I'll finish my Autumn's Concerto episode summaries one day. But here is my newest addiction. Office Girls, starring Roy Qiu and Alice Ke! Roy, Roy, Roy~ boy oh boy. He's sooo charming, and dashing, and silly, and soo creative. This guy is exploding with popularity. Almost every idol drama male lead is a rich guy. This drama follows the same exact idol formula, but there's some freshness to it because of the chemistry between the leads and the supporting characters. Well, here comes episode 1, enjoy while I still have that fire

This is the poor super saver, typical female protagonist, Shen Xing Ren who never buys clothes that are more than $300 ($9.82 USD), never watches movies, never goes KTV, and never takes taxis, etc. She's lives like a cave woman to save up enough money to buy a house for her mom and her. At work, she's the model worker who never complains about overtime, never fights back, and just does everything she's told to do.

Super Saver has earned her first $1,000,000 ($32724.70 USD). Woo~ I wonder when my first bucket of 1,000,000 will come? Super Saver is so thrilled, she starts printing out receipt after receipt after receipt to the point where a line starts forming behind her and a man yells at her, "That's an ATM, not a printer". kekekeke. 

These days, everyone has an idol, even our Super Saver. Her idol is the fashion designer, Yu Cheng Feng. She won't spend money on clothes that cost more than $300 but she'll spend money to buy a magazine with his face on it. Such is the power of idols and marketing.

Dear Blue Motorcycle, you sure picked a great time to break down. And off, our Super Saver goes, zoom zoom zoom to work. She has only a few minutes before she's counted as late for work! At this rate, she could totally sign up for the marathon. Sure win! 

Meanwhile, Super Saver's best friend, Liu Yu Le, tries to sneakily punch in Super Saver's time card. But she gets caught by the head of the Sales Department, who is also Super Saver's boss. Boss precedes to give her a lecture about work ethnics but Yu Le quickly yells,"Hot Chicks!", which makes the Boss turn his head. Yu Le snatches back the time card and runs into the hallway just in time to see Super Saver come running into the office. 

With just 5 seconds remaining, Super Saver grabs the card, pushes past her boss, and TOUCHDOWN! Just in the nick of time. Super Saver grabs her best friend and play Ring Around the Rosie with Boss in the middle dancing to Saturday Night. Woooo! 

At the airport, Qin Zi Qi aka Roy Qiu, just arrived from New York (woo!) and he... mistakenly gets in the car of some scary Japanese guys. He realizes he got in the wrong car when they start growling at him. So he does what anyone with sunglasses would do in this situation, pretend to be blind. *laugh laugh laugh* 

Mr. Handsome finally gets in the right car and off they go to his father's mall where he thinks his father is passing the mall to him because you know he has an MBA from a NY university. Well, the lazy him, takes his time and sees a girl that catches his eyes. There's some CHOK-ing of the eyes before a green dinosaur randomly comes in and breaks off the contact. Mr. Handsome grabs one of the balloons from the dinosaur, scribbles his number on it, and tells the dino to pass the balloon to the lady in the background. Dino(Super Saver Shen Xing Ren), of course, refutes and an argument ensures. 
 Zi Qi: If one day I become the boss , you'll be the first one to be fired. 
Shen Xing Ren: Boss? It's more likely than I'll be your boss. Psh, boss... 
Zi Qi: I swear, if you become my boss, I'll wear that dino costume! 
Zi Qi finally meets up with Dad in his office, thinking that Dad will be handing him the reins, but instead Dad hands him a contract. Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's hard to be a rich boy these day, handsome one. Dad wants him to work his way up starting as an office boy. Now not only is he starting on the lowest rung of the ladder, he's also going to be living in his own apartment, paying his own rent and utility bills, no maids or housekeepers to assist him. In other words, he just got kicked out of his house before even sticking a foot inside. If he could survive like this in this world for a world without Dad's help and not letting anyone know that he's Dad's son, then Dad will consider handing him the reins. Way to go, Dad! 

Zi Qi gets assigned to the Sales Department where he meets Dino, whose no longer in disguise. They are SHOCKED to see each other. What a pleasant surprise. Boss, also called Manager Steven, assigns Super Saver Dino Lady Xin Ren to train the newbie. Oh, so now Super Saver Dino Lady is his boss. If I remember correctly, a few caps ago, he did say that if she ever becomes his boss, he'll wear the dino costume. mmmmmmmmmmm, karma's making you bite your own words

Super Saver Dino Lady takes on Dino head, places it on the desk, then stares at the newbie. Newbie stares back and asks, "So you are...". "Yes I am" "Then do I really have to... " "You have to" "I was joking" "I was serious" Hahaha! (Spoiler: He didn't wear the dino head until a couple of episodes later) 

Zi Qi escapes to lunch before Shen Xing Ren could introduce his colleagues to him. She chases after him and scolds him for princely attitude and disobeying her orders. He coolly invites her to lunch to talk about whatever she needs to talk about, like how the company runs, what the sales department does, etc. He definitely forgot about his contract with Dad. Dad cut all his credit card so when time comes to pay the check, he's out of Money. Sucks to be him. Right now. Super Saver pays instead. 

Super Saver and best friend make Zi Qi go to the ATM and return the cash immediately because procrastinating is the root of all evil. They are SHOCKED to learn that he only has $30000 in his account and he dares to eat at such an expensive place. Super Saver gives him a sound advice, "Cut down on your spending". (Celsius: Yes ma'am, Yes!)

OOO, a department meeting! Shen Xing Ren gets dragged to the meeting by her boss, Manager Steven. He needs her to talk for him at the meeting because he didn't do his homework, and made her do it for him. Bad Boy! At the meeting, Shen Xing Ren is encouraged by her boss to speak and she gives the suggestion to invite her idol, Yu Cheng Feng, and his clothing line to the mall. Everyone is SHOCKED. Because who doesn't know that Yu Cheng Feng refuses to put his clothing line at any mall, except for Xing Ren. Now that the suggestion is out, she is made to follow through with it. Lesson learnt: Be careful of what you say. Say things that are within your limit. But since this is a drama, we all know she'll definitely succeed in her plot, even if it takes some time. 

It's proposal time! No, not the marriage one.The business one. Since Xing Ren took on the get-Yu-Cheng-Feng-onboard mission, she has to somehow convince him to bring his line to the mall. She orders newbie to write up a proposal. He finishes and hands it to her. On the page that lists the benefits for the designer, he put "whatever you demand". Ha, nice! If I were the designer, I would totally sign that contract, and then make give me free first class airplane tickets to Taiwan! Woo hoo! Anyhoo, Xing Ren rejects the proposal and demands he write a more professional one. He say,"No" then she say, "Fine, I'll write it." You are better off being independent than dependent. 

Zi Qi meets up with his friends at the rich boy bar where he happens to meet the pretty girl, Zheng Kai Er, from earlier this morning. She also happens to work at his dad's mall. She notices that he came in with his rich friends, and then he's wearing an expensive brand name watch. Knowing that she works for his Dad, and that he can't let her know that he's his Dad's son, he lies and tells her that the watch is a fake replica. And that he's extremely poor. She's smart, and casts suspicions on his lies. Sensing that she's catching onto him, he makes up an excuse and leaves. 

I love his reaction upon arriving at his new home. Hehehehehe! 

"Father, I hate you!" I love his English! 

For the first time, he will have to unpack his belongings. He's SHOCKED! Hahaha! Oh by the way, Super Saver and her best friend lives at the top floor of the same building, right above his apartment. How convenient! 

Zi Qi still doesn't get that his access to his father's money has been cut off. Refusing to stay in the old apartment, he spends the night at a 5 star hotel. Champagne and Jacuzzi. One night of comfort will result in many nights of hunger. 

The next morning, Zi Qi is dead asleep and not to mention, late for work. Xing Ren calls him repeatedly until he finally picks up. That sleepy head~

Xing Ren comes by with her scooter pick to pick up the sleepy head. She hands him a strawberry helmet. Hehehe. They head off to Yu Cheng Feng's private fashion show. Except they can't get in because they don't have an invitation card. But when there's a will, there's a way.

Zi Qi spots a truck with flowers that being are delivered to the private fashion show. He drags Xing Ren to the truck and convinces her that the only way for them to get in is to help "deliver" the flowers inside the venue. Hahahaha, he's so convincing, even the upright Xing Ren goes along with his plan. 

 Once inside, Xing Ren gushes over her idol's fashion show while Zi Qi can't keep his eyes off the curvy models. They scold each other for not focusing on work. Hahahaha, two peas in a pod! 

Fashion show is over, interview time. Xing Ren eagerly listens while Zi Qi looks on dejectedly . Guess he's not used to people gushing over someone that's not him. 

 The media, being the media, are more interested in the designer's private life more than his fashion show. This utterly upsets Xing Ren who decides to stand up for the designer and scolds the media for being gossipmongers. Yea! We want real news, not gossip! Seriously, the media is so skewed these days. This media world is owned by JUST six big corporations. SIX! 

The designer was impressed by Xing Ren standing up for him at the press conference and at her attentiveness to his designs. He has his assistant invite them out for coffee. OoooO, a date with the designer~

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