October 18, 2011

In Time With You Episode 6 Preview


 He said it! He finally said it!


He hugged her too~~~

Is anyone else jumping for joy~~~~

I'm melting again.


  1. Oh yessss!!! I'm jumping for joy too! I just hope Li Da ren can finally get rid off annoying Maggie! I can't wait for episode 6. I'm obsessed with IN TIME WITH YOU! This drama is soooo awesome!

    Btw, I so loved your analysis & observation of You Qing & Da ren's meeting at the circular fountain in episode 4. I love everything about ITWY, the writing, direction & actors. Thanks!:)

  2. OMG. Me too!
    I love this drama so much. It sucks how they only air once a week. Ah, i love this couple.
    The actors have such amazing chemistry that i think i blackout a little after every episode.
    I can't believe this is going to be Ariel Lin's final drama for a while. But i'm glad she's going out with a bang!

    PS. I hope that confession scene from the preview isn't another fake-out. I hate it when that happens. Like he would say that he likes her, then she takes it another way =="