October 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Autumn's Concerto

I've finally walked out of my Autumn's Concerto depression. I still miss this drama but not like crazy anymore. It'll definitely still be a drama that I'll remember and treasure. It was the first drama that made me go totally crazy for it. I became a big fan of Ady and I started to pay more attention to Van Ness. Ding Dang also got my attention with her powerful voice that sung the theme song of Autumn's Concerto. 

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the premiere of Autumn's Concerto. Happy Birthday, dear drama! (People must think I'm crazy for celebrating the birthday of a drama, hahaha) Thank you for everything! 

每一站, 幸福


  1. We also celebrated it,you are not alone..LOL

  2. You are not alone...Autumn's Concerto??? makes me sacrificing love & never ending HAPPINESS!!!!!