September 18, 2011

Lives of Omission: The Three Alternate Endings


Lives of Omission producer Chuang Wai Kin had originally prepared 4 different endings for the series ranging from ‘extremely tragic’ to ‘happily ever after’ in the hopes of catering to audience’s tastes. In the end, the producer chose the ending in which Yiu Ho Ho [Kate Tsui] gets shot by Bai Co [Bosco Wong] but doesn’t die, Madam Jo [Fala Chen] falls to her death, and Laughing Gor [Michael Tse] goes to jail after killing Bai Co (So Sing Pak).

We all know how the series actually ended, but what about the other 3 endings that were filmed and not used? Below, screenwriter Lai Sin Yee reveals the content of the other 3 ‘alternate’ endings and the reasons why those endings were not chosen for the final cut.

Ending 1: Happily Ever After

Madam Jo is injured and goes into a coma. Laughing seeks Bai Co for revenge and flips a coin to determine whether he will kill Bai Co or not. The result of the coin toss is ‘heads’ and Laughing lets Bai Co go, thereby giving up on seeking revenge. ‘Good things happen to good people’, as Madam Jo awakes from her coma and she and Laughing get married.

Reason this ending was scrapped: Yiu Ho Ho already escapes death in the end; if both Madam Jo and Bai Co don’t die either, it will give the audiences the feeling that all of the main characters ‘escaped from calamity’.

Ending 2: Yiu Ho Ho dies 

After Madam Jo falls to her death, Laughing discovers that Yiu Ho Ho didn’t die, so he kidnaps Ho Ho in order to force Bai Co to appear so he can seek revenge. Laughing shoots Bai Co, but Yiu Ho Ho takes the bullet for him and dies.

Reason this ending was scrapped: Didn’t want Laughing to become a ‘villain’ type character who has to resort to kidnapping a woman in order to seek revenge.

Ending 3: Ultimate undercover

Yiu Ho Ho has been using the roles of ‘lawyer’ and ‘girlfriend’ to get close to Bai Co. On the surface, she is helping him get to the top position of the triad organization and become its leader, but in reality, she is the ‘ultimate undercover’ agent sent by the police whose purpose is to gather incriminating evidence against Bai Co and the rest of the triad organization.

Reason this ending was scrapped: Too bold and imaginative, difficult to continue with the plot. 

Creds: Ming Pao/AF/HKChannel

I'm glad they aired the actual ending because these other three are so flawed in their own ways. The first one is the oh-so-typical TVB happy ending. That ending would have squeezed the air out of the drama. No Good.  The second ending has Laughing stealing Michael's job as the villain. Not too fond of it. The third one is just hilarious! It would really adhere to "UCs are everywhere". 

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