September 06, 2011

安心亞 - 人兒何處歸

The once perfect and complete group has now split into two parties and gone separate ways. Surprisingly, I feel sad. I really disliked this show in the beginning, but I continued watching for the sake of watching. I don't when but I started to look forward to this show. I think 98% is due to my anticipation of Xiao Jian and Qing Er's scenes. To me, they are the highlight of this new trilogy. Benji is cool too, except, you really have to spend some time accepting him. Today, Benji, Xiao Yan Zi, Xiao Jian, and Qing Er, have decided to continue their journey south to DaLi. The rest of the crew follow Emperor Qianlong back to the capital where Er Kang finally gets the Empress Dowager's permission to stick to Zi Wei like Super glue.

Life is not perfect


  1. Same here, I didn't have much expectations or interest in NHZGG at the beginning, out of curiosity and love for the original HZGG, I decided to check it out. After skimming the first couple of episodes, and starting to just watch Zi Wei and Er Kang scenes, I slowly got into the show and watched on and anticipated for new episodes at certain parts.

    I think most of anticipation, if not all, is just watching for Zi Wei and Er Kang scenes. They have really good chemistry together, and the remake made refined their relationship, making it more detailed and sweet (apart from the fact that they cut out so many of their scenes/screen-time >_<) I really like the new Er Kang and overall I actually like this version of Zi Wei and Er Kang slighly more, because of their compatibility.

    Xiao Jian and Qing Er were ok imo. Whereas Benji was not, bearable but definitely not liked. He had way too much screen-time (stealing lines from other characters such as Er Kang, Er Tai, Yong Qi, etc) and was often the reason for the pointless incidents/episodes which became draggy and annoying...

    Ya, it was kinda disappointing to see the gang split up, which kinda destroyed the original strong bond between friends, sisters, family... I think this remake could have been a really good remake because most of the cast tried their best and fitted well with the characters, beautiful scenery, sets and costumes. It might have worked if they only: took out Benji's role (along with his teacher, the weird doctor, and the 4 extremely annoying eunuchs), edited out some of the ridiculous scenes/story arcs, exclude anything that's related to HZGG3 (which I didn't even watch) and actually made XYZ, ZW, EK, and YQ equal leads. Sigh, if only, I guess nothing's perfect...

  2. I'm still not happy that Benji killed that intimate connection between Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei by drawing for Xiao Yan Zi. That was not cool.

    Er Kang in this version is definitely an improvement over the last one. The only thing is, in the old version, that er kang had more chemistry with the whole crew whereas this er kang is really 100000% focus on zi wei.

    Of the five guys, I only really like two of them. One is Xiao Jian, major change from the original. The other is Er Tai, he's so loyal.

    YQ and XYZ were so annnoying. They are both extremely immature. in the old version, xyz threw tantrums in the name of justice. this new one is threwing tantrums everywhere and it just drives me crazy. YQ....i don't even want to talk about this guy anymore...extremely disappointed