August 22, 2011

Unbeatable II 无懈可击之高手如林 Afterthoughts

The main storyline wavered between boring and exciting. It was very different from the first one. The first one was very modern, stylish, and thrilling! They had secrets that had to be uncovered through very dangerous means. They had to join together to beat this almighty international evil organization. The storyline of Unbeatable I was exciting! Unbeatable II, on the other hand, has a much toned down storyline. The almighty international evil organization is weaker than they were portrayed in Unbeatable I. And they don't do much in the second season besides providing financial support to their minions. Another reason why Unbeatable I was more captivating is the portrayal of office politics. In an all female environment. High EQ girl vs. High EQ girl. On the surface, they seem to be having a normal conversation but under the table, every line has a double meaning. 

In terms of storyline, Unbeatable I wins. In terms of relationships, Unbeatable II wins. Why? Unbeatable I had Kelly with Huang Kai, Cherry with Zhuo Yuan, Sharon with Kevin.  Of the three, my favorite is Sharon and Kevin. In Unbeatable II, there are Xu Ran with Qi Qi, Jiang Dong with Lu Fei, and Wei Xiao with Ye Rou. And my favorite is of course, Wei Xiao with Ye Rou. It happens that Ye Rou and Sharon are both played by the same actress, Stephy Qi Wei. Therefore, the real showdown is Kevin vs. Wei Xiao. And Wei Xiao wins by lots of miles! He's funny and he's not even trying to be funny. Also, I'd add that he has the best script lines. Who can forget "I don't use shampoo, I use soap"! 

Wei Xiao and Ye Rou are the main reason why I continued watching this drama. Otherwise, I would have given up a long time ago. Their bickering takes bickering to a whole new level. I'm in the process of documenting all their interactions in the drama. What really breaks my heart with this couple is that their scenes are cut left and right, to the point, where their love storyline becomes very choppy. What a pity. They were such an powerful pairing! Whoever was doing the editing was quite ruthless towards this couple. I mean, the reason for all this editing is because they're going to have sequel that focuses on them, right? (cross fingers and hope) Their relationship is very fun to explore. An older woman who sees nightclubs as a second home paired up with a younger man whose mother once objected to his brother marrying a much older woman. The woman is a PR director of a large company turned PR director of a smaller company, while he is a civilian police turned superstar. Yepp, they definitely need a sequel. 

I skipped most of Hu Ge scenes with Tang Yan. The problem is not with the actors but with the character, Tang Qi Qi. She seemed more like a third lead character that suddenly got the spotlight. Her character's only purpose was to be Xu Ran's love interest. What a waste of a good actress. This character was just too boring as in there were no qualities or personality traits that I come to admire. Her uselessness became apparent in the last episode. While everyone else was busy fighting the evil force, she spent the time pondering with her housemates on why Xu Ran broke up with her (in case you're wondering, he was trying to protect her). The reason why Xu Ran fell in love with this girl remains a mystery. 

In the end, the biggest highlight of this drama is the Wei Xiao and Ye Rou pairing. The editors are biased! They showed the five year later part of Xu Ran, Qi Qi, and Lu Fei but they left out Wei Xiao and Ye Rou! Very very sad! They leave us Xiao Rou fans hanging. Time to head to the bar to read fan written sequels! 


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