August 19, 2011

Stephen Wong Silently Waiting to Get Up Top

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Stephen Wong has already stepped into his 10th year in TVB. Perhaps it was because his personality is too passive that he still hasn't reached to the first or second line Siu Sang positions. Earlier his rumors got pretty heated up and suddenly he became 'lovesick'. However, he rather not have any news than to have negative news!

Looking smart and bright on the outside, Stephen has been in many TV series, and has left some impression on audience. He is currently accepting series after series in TVB and with a blink of an eye, it's already 10 years. To be successful in showbiz, aside from the hard work, the right time and place, relations with people is also very important. When asked why he still hasn't reached the first or second lead actor position yet and what is he lacking, Stephen said frankly: "I am a Sagittarius, should be a talkative person, but many times to avoid saying the wrong things, I rather not talk at all. Perhaps I have been too passive, silent and don't really know how get along with people." Earlier, Stephan was rumored with Natalie Tong and Coffee Lu. Suddenly becoming lovesick, he said: "Eat too much salty fish, worth the thirst. I got more magazine reports on my love life, many people will think that it's like that when your an artist, just think of it as promotion! But, I rather not have any news than to have negative news!"

In The Life and Times of a Sentinel, Stephen plays Lap Lan Sing Dak (Nalan Xingde), the first Qing Dynasty poet. He had to memorize long dialog, but does not think it's heavy or boring, it really challenges his skills. Any time Stephen has any difficulty in filming, he would think of big brother Kevin Cheng and second brother Kenneth Ma's advice: "Many times for us artists, if we can remember the dialog, then we can't remember the scene and positions. So I learned from my second brother (Kenneth), once I get the script, I would mark all the details down on a notepad. As for my big brother (Kevin), he told me to put in the effort to do the homework, no matter what role it is, must get into character. Many times, you have to hypnotize yourself, don't say you can't do it. A lot of times as an artist, you will go back to the situation beginning of your acting career, but you must tell yourself, I can do it. I won't compare with others."

I didn't know Stephen was a Sagittarius! But we're so similar! We're like the outliers of the Sagittarian clan. We're suppose to be talkative but we're not. We even have the same reason to be not talkative too! I try not to talk too much too because I know I'll end up saying the wrong things and then the situation takes a turn for the worst. =(

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