August 07, 2011

Qi Wei & Van Fan - In Between Black and White

(女)漆黑的夜 空的房间
(男)想写首歌 让你听见
(合)爱对我而言 不再只是许愿
(合)黑白之间 弹出了彩色的画面
(男)呼吸再远 音符都在你耳边
(合)时间按下了和弦 成全我们的表演
(合)黑白之间 弹出了彩色的永远
(合)音乐停止了 爱蔓延
(合)音乐停止了 爱蔓延

It's the ending song of Unbeatable 2 which was just released yesterday! This song was written by Qi Wei, the female singer of this song. She also plays a PR executive in the show.  By the way, she's one of my favorite actress from mainland China (shined via her outstanding performance in Unbeatable 1). This girl gots integrity off screen too. If you haven't heard of it, she got dropped from a movie for refusing to sell herself. Read more here. Kudos to her! With her talented acting and singing skills, she can definitely rise to the top. Back to this song, it scores big, 3 pointer! I'm totally blown away by Van when he sings  "..在你耳边" @ 1:33 in falsetto. Wow! And when their voices harmonize, it pulls some heartstrings! Watch Unbeatable 2 here

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