August 16, 2011

A Profound Self Evaluation Report

上司: 好,交班吧. 會去啊早點兒睡個覺 [Good, you can get off your workshift. Go home and sleep early]
危笑: 不睡,找女朋友去. 我不著急我媽都著急了 [Not sleeping, off to find girlfriend. Even if I'm not urgent, my mom is urgent]
Right after Wei Xiao says he's looking for a girlfriend, "girlfriend" comes in. Because she was speeding last time, she had to leave her car at the police station and write a self evaluation report. Oh man, who still writes those nowadays. Hahahahaha.

危笑: 來領車啊? 報告呢? [Coming to pick up your car? Your report?]
葉柔: 恩 [Em]
危笑: 我說了是深刻檢討. 不深刻打回重寫. 本人葉柔因為漠視交通法規更重要的是漠視生命導致在市區街道內高出速行駛並且危及危笑警官的生命. 試問如果我有一點對生命的尊重就不會將車直接對危笑警官撞過去.試問如果不是危笑警官身手敏捷, 這句寫的挺實在的, 也許我就害了一名優秀的人民警察. 寫得不錯 [I said it has to be a deep self evaluation. If it's not deep, then rewrite. I, Ye Rou, due to negligence of traffic rules and most importance negligence of life, resulted in speeding in the inner city streets, and also endangering Officer Wei's life. May I ask if I have a little respect for life then I wouldn't have directly drove into Officer Wei. May I ask if it weren't for Officer Wei's nimble agility, this phrase is written pretty true, perhaps I would have harmed an outstanding civil police. Written pretty well.]
葉柔: 那當然啊. 誰沒當過班幹部 [Of course, who hasn't been a class worker]
危笑: 照你這麼寫這是謀殺呀還是交通事故啊 [From your writing, this is a murder story or a traffic story]
葉柔: 這樣才深刻嘛. 危警官我畢業好長時間了都快忘得差不多了, 你讓我過關好不好? 拜託拜託 [It has deep impressions like this. Officer Wei, I've graduated for a long time, forgot almost everything, please let me pass, pretty please]
危笑: 汲取教訓啊 [Learn from your lesson]
葉柔: 一定 [Of course]
Yepps, definitely gotta learn some PR writing skills from Ye Rou. That might come handy in the future.

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