August 15, 2011

PR versus PD in 无懈可击之高手如林

Their first meeting ends up with Wei Xiao arresting Ye Rou for speeding (and knocking over his motorcycle). And because his motorcycle is now busted, he forcibly hitches a ride from Ye Rou to the police station. During the drive, Ye Rou (She's a Public Relations director, in other words, she gots people skills) tries to unhook herself from visiting the police station.

Ye Rou 葉柔: 我們也有針對男士的洗髮水. [We also have shampoo just for men]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 我不用洗髮水. 我用肥皂. [I don't use shampoo. I use soap]
HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA! I crumble on floor laughing! Ye Ruo tries so hard to use her people skills to get herself out of this mess and she fails! After the lure of men shampoo fails, she switches to You-are-extremely-handsome attack.

Ye Rou 葉柔: 您是我看過最帥的警察. 而且特別...特別.. [You are the most handsome cop I've ever seen....and also very...very...]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 知識豐富 [knowledgeable]
Ye Rou 葉柔: 對, 渊博, 而且時尚品味特別好跟我們的清楊品牌的形象特別的符合.不好意思, 不知道這樣說你們人民警察是不是合適 [Right, knowledgeable, also your fashion is very good, it especially matches with our Clear brand image. Sorry, not sure if you police are suitable]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 得了吧你. 把我當傻子啊. 隨便拍拍廣告吹吹頭髮聊聊洗髮水就可以把我哄高興了. 你們公關的職業不就是哄人嗎 [Alright you, treating me like a fool. Randomly shoot an ad, blow some hair, talk some shampoo to make me happy. You PR people's job is to coax people]
Ye Rou 葉柔: 其實沒有. 您是真得特別帥而且很時尚,重點是渊博 [Actually no, you are really handsome and very fashionable, the main point is knowledgeable]
Wei Xiao 危笑: 我知道我帥, 而且不傻, 到了. [I know I'm handsome, and also not dumb. We're here]
Doubling over with laughter! You know the ancient saying: One mountain is higher than the next. These two take cold humor to its extreme!

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