July 25, 2011

Van Ness Wu - Ai Ya with Ady An

Gooo Gooo Gaa Gaaa! Ady! Van Ness! He's always smiling and he's everywhere! He's the guy selling breakfast. He's the janitor. He's the office boy. He's her lunch buddy. He's everywhere. And he plays with carrots! How cool is that! All hail Autumn's Concerto! And oh boy, he's by the far, the only person I've seen that carries a mop over their shoulder and can still look so cool. Oh, and Ady's little cute scream ~ahhhh! She's so pretty in this MV. Ahh~ they are so cute together! You might get diabetes from watching this MV because it's just soo sweet!  Cuteness and sweetness overload~ this MV is so filled with love. I like very much. No. I love very much.

This is should totally be made into a drama. Maybe call it, The Strawberry and The Carrot in the Office.

Autumn's Concerto. [V]


  1. Yups, absolutely cuteness and sweetness overload =D