July 03, 2011

Ghetto Justice Case Closed

How do people end up in jail and still be so happy? In fact, how do people end up in jail with the person who killed their friend and still be so happy? Only Law Ba, man, only the optimistic him. 

Ghetto Justice's ending took a different route from regular TVB happy endings. It wasn't a random happy ending; it was a justified happy ending. PK killed Jing Jing and was sentenced 20 years for the crime. Wong See Fu forges evidence as part of her plan to land PK in jail but Law Ba claims responsibility for the forged evidence. Law Ba's lawyer license is revoked and he is sentenced to jail for 2 years. Although he is sentenced for a crime he didn't commit, he willingly goes as a form of repent for indirectly causing an innocent person's death 7 years ago. Wong See Fu realizes justice is more important than money and power and temporarily takes over Law Ba's "chamber". Maybe 7 years from now, See Fu will meet a long lost sister, who also happens to be a lawyer, but the sister does something wrong and See Fu takes responsibility for her just like Law Ba and willingly goes to jail as a form of repent for forging evidence. Justice is served even if it's late 7 years. 

Ghetto Justice in its entirety is very good. The storyline, the acting, the chemistry, this show has it all. The cases were refreshing, intriguing, and not very long. The court dialogues, especially Law Ba's dialogues, were worth putting in my quote book! My most memorable dialogue was Law Ba's closing statement in the Accidental Death by Piece of Flying Glass case. What he said about accidents happening at any time, any where, to anyone was so full of persuasiveness. In terms of acting, Kevin nailed it! He nailed his role to the very core! I cannot imagine anyone else as a better Law Ba! Law Ba is Kevin's breakthrough role! And Sharon was also excellent as Jing Jing! I cried buckets when she died in Ah Dang's arm!!! And gosh, who can forget the chemical explosion between the four males (Law Ba, Ah Dang, Mike George, and But Jik). I loved the scene where Ah Dang took a video of Law Ba singing in the shower and Mike George secretly recording Law Ba's declaration of love. What awesome chemistry these four people have! 

Overall, Justice Ghetto is a very good drama. It's number one on my list of TVB 2011 dramas followed by Only You. Kevin is on a roll here! 

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