July 18, 2011

Celsius Estimate Theorem

There's a saying that goes: one man's trash is another man's treasure. What's a good drama to me might not be a good drama to you. Every drama addict (and non addicts) have their own standards in judging the quality of a drama. 

I tend to look heavily at storyline, acting, and chemistry among the cast. Those three elements are most important to me when deciding whether a drama is good or not. Ironically though, they are not the first elements that attract me to a drama but two of three (storyline and chemistry) are key factors that determine whether I will continue a drama. I can forgive bad acting...depending on how bad it is. 

The Celsius Estimate Theorem 

Sadly, the amount of time we use to watch dramas is precious and limited. We simply don't have the time to sit through every single drama. We have to use our time wisely and choose the good dramas to watch. I'm sure every drama addict has their own way of choosing good dramas to watch. If you don't have one yet, that's ok! You can use the Celsius Estimate. The Celsius Estimate works 90% of the time and it estimates if the test drama has potential to be a "good drama". 

Method of Execution (Go in order): 
1) Watch the first two episodes:  If you enjoy the first two episodes, keep going. Otherwise, proceed to step 2. 

2) Watch the last two episodes: If you enjoy the last two episodes, then consider watching backwards or start watching from a few episodes back. Otherwise, if you hate the beginning and the you hate the ending, you'll probably won't like the drama anyway so move on to the next drama. 

3) Optional: For more accuracy, choose a random episode in between the first two and last two episodes. 

This method is no guarantee. You might miss a good drama or the test drama turns out to be a bad drama despite an awesome beginning and an awesome ending. But nevertheless, it will give you some kind of solid ground to stand upon. 

So use and adjust at your own risk! 

Thanks friend who forced me to realize the flaw of my theorem 


  1. agree! For me storyline is most important , then acting. I can dismiss those minor characters who have bad acting, but if its a main character and they just suck , then its a NO for me. I also want a story to flow and not just feel like random segments (kdrama: my princess, worst ever). And I'm bias so if my favourite actor/actress is in it, I will watch ( if the story is good too and I like the other actors ahahah) So for TVB series I definetly watch Tavia shows (except for the few which don't captivate me) for Korean shows its for the actors too hehe, and storyline.

    I kind of find that for dramas that release only 1 or 2 eps a week, I have to wait for it to finish because I HATE waiting another week... and if I do watch while its airing, I'll probably fall out of interest soon enough xD

    I can't do the ' watch the last 2 episodes' because I always have to watch the first ep first because if I don't i feel like i'm missing out on something xD.

    and finally, i'm glad to have found another drama addict!!!!

  2. Aw, but waiting is part of the fun, IF it's a good drama. Waiting is so ironic, when the show just begins, you hate waiting, but when the show is about to come to an end, waiting suddenly becomes a missed event.

    Hahaha, i think you misunderstood me. i always watch the beginning few episodes first, and if it's not entertaining, then I go to the last few episodes. That way, I have a start and an end.

    *high five* drama addict huama!