June 06, 2011

The Magical Flipping Pin

It's the final round in the bowling competition and Ah Jun is in sticky spot. In order for his school to win and stay open, he has to knock down all the pins in this round. Right now, there are two pins left standing and they happen to be directly 5 feet apart from each other. Luckily Miss Cool comes back with perfect timing to raise his confidence.  

Absolutely love how Miss Cool tells him, "So easy". Hahaha. 

Here he goes!!! 

Two pins left standing!  

 The ball rolls towards the right one...

It hits! The pin bounces back....

..and then bounces forward..

OMG! It's heading for the other pin!!!  

 And it punches the other pin!!!!

It's now wobbling...and wobbling...

It falls!!! SCOREEE!!! 

Miss Cool went "WOOOO~"

And that concludes Yes Sir No Sir Sorry Sir. If they ever decide to have a sequel, I suggest showing life of K4 after graduating and of course, they could also have another special sequel dedicated to Miss Cool and her life with her neighbor, Kenneth! hehehehehhe~

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