June 22, 2011

The Collage That Lives On My Wall

The other day I picked up my Autumn's Concerto collage from Walgreens! It's absolutely gorgeous! I almost fainted when I saw it! There's the famous carrot trio, the delicious beef over rice, and the oozing chemistry from our three carrots! I still didn't get my hands on the Autumn's Concerto photobook yet. Shipping costs have risen to height of skyscapers! But one day, I will make sure, that that photobook lands in my hands!!! All hail Autumn's Concerto! 


  1. Thats looks awesome!!! :D you want to tell me how much that cost? I want one too hehe thats weird even tho im a dude lol

  2. it was less than a dollar. I customized it when walgreen had the collage promotion