June 24, 2011

pianoboy - The Truth That You Leave

I was dropping by leeyann's blog when I heard this calm and soothing piano music. The piece that was playing was called "Quiet Afternoon". It's sooo gooood! I was floating on clouds again~ The piece was composed by pianoboy and the above video is another one of his composition! It won second place at a music competition on wretch~ 

Instrumental music is just as good as vocal music, sometimes even better. 

June 22, 2011

The Collage That Lives On My Wall

The other day I picked up my Autumn's Concerto collage from Walgreens! It's absolutely gorgeous! I almost fainted when I saw it! There's the famous carrot trio, the delicious beef over rice, and the oozing chemistry from our three carrots! I still didn't get my hands on the Autumn's Concerto photobook yet. Shipping costs have risen to height of skyscapers! But one day, I will make sure, that that photobook lands in my hands!!! All hail Autumn's Concerto! 

June 21, 2011

Ghetto Justice Cartoonized

WOWOWOWOWW!!! These are soo cutee!!! Head towards the creator's weibo for more~ 

June 20, 2011

An Unlikely Debate

Rainie Yang
Cyndi Wang

Recently, my friend and I got into a debate about Cyndi Wang and the debate eventually led to a showdown between Cyndi and Rainie. Who has the stronger acting chops and who has the stronger singing chops? Please cast your votes in the above poll! Thanks!

June 17, 2011

Van Ness Wu - Is This All MV

Wow!!! His hair is wicked and his song is A for Awesome! 

Is this all I've been waiting for~~~~ 
Is this all I've been searching for~~~ 

Today is the premiere date of his newest drama, Material Girl, which by the way, was produced by Chen Hui Ling! The director of beloved Autumn's Concerto!!!! *woooo* 

Law Ba in Love

Should I...or should I not...

I should

Ha Ha Ha

Revenge is mighty sweet! 

The spell has been cast. 

Law Ba has fallen into the sea of love.

Naked Law Ba singing and dancing in the shower!!!

He gets secretly videoed 

Hahahahaha! Surprise!! 

Omg, Kevin!!! He's gots the comedy genes. His acting has improved so much and this drama really shows it. So far, Ghetto Justice tops my list of 2011 TVB Shows, followed by Only You, and coincidentally both stars Kevin. But he's better in Ghetto Justice. Sharon is another highlight in Ghetto Justice. I hope she ends up successfully with Sam. Please do not pull an "Only You", I will be very upset. 

June 09, 2011

Jane Zhang 出境入境

Cute n Lovely Song! Love her new image! She's constantly changing and challenging herself! Go Jane Go~!

June 06, 2011

The Magical Flipping Pin

It's the final round in the bowling competition and Ah Jun is in sticky spot. In order for his school to win and stay open, he has to knock down all the pins in this round. Right now, there are two pins left standing and they happen to be directly 5 feet apart from each other. Luckily Miss Cool comes back with perfect timing to raise his confidence.  

Absolutely love how Miss Cool tells him, "So easy". Hahaha. 

Here he goes!!! 

Two pins left standing!  

 The ball rolls towards the right one...

It hits! The pin bounces back....

..and then bounces forward..

OMG! It's heading for the other pin!!!  

 And it punches the other pin!!!!

It's now wobbling...and wobbling...

It falls!!! SCOREEE!!! 

Miss Cool went "WOOOO~"

And that concludes Yes Sir No Sir Sorry Sir. If they ever decide to have a sequel, I suggest showing life of K4 after graduating and of course, they could also have another special sequel dedicated to Miss Cool and her life with her neighbor, Kenneth! hehehehehhe~

Needs NRG

Hi all, 

This semester is finally over. It was one long and tough battle, but it is over now. Happy Summer! 

You might have noticed that the frequency of posts have been significantly less in the past few months. No worries, I'm not planning to shut down nor stop posting. I'm just trying to look for that "fire" again. I'm a lazy blogger who needs kinetic energy to push me to post. Hopefully, with summer ahead, there will be more posts. Hahahahaha. 

Jess, I will take your suggestion into consideration. 

And if you haven't signed up for weibo, please do. There is a tutorial right here

Simplicity is bliss

It's so simple, it's complicated.