May 25, 2011


Never in my history of drama-ing, have I ever hated the main character so much. Despicable, despicable character. Law Sir, you put teachers to shame. How dare you tell Miss. Koo to be strong! How dare you shed crocodile tears as if you never meant to hurt her! You have never once thought of her feelings! You cheated on her! You lied to her! And most despicable, you used her! You stepped on her heart to get a police badge. How dare you call yourself a teacher! I dislike you even more when you waited outside Miss. Koo's house just to try to encourage her with empty words. Leave your pity for yourself! Just how can you do that! The only thing she did to you was love you, yet you destroyed her life. You destroyed her family. Her loving family, despite the triad background. At least, amidst the lies, they truly cared for her, unlike you and your selfishness. Did you even care about her feelings when you took the back door with Miss Ho? What makes you think that you have the right to play Miss. Koo like that! Just because you're an undercover doesn't mean you can treat Miss. Koo like a sticky note! You are just so fake! Disgusting!

He deserves to end up alone. I don't even want him to get back with Miss Koo or be paired with Miss Ho. In the beginning, I was looking forward towards a Law Sir - Miss Ho pairing but not anymore. The moment he two timed Miss. Koo was the point of no return.

Law Sir, you are the worst person in the history of dramas!

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  1. I Absolutely agree!M glad someone got it off my chest for me!!A most despicable,nauseating,lower than scum character who has brought disgrace and disrepute to the teaching n police professions!Moses Chan,at his worsest n ugliest role,to date!