May 14, 2011

Selina Jen goes out for high tea

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After visiting the Taipei International Flora Expo in a wheelchair last month, singer Selina Jen's outdoor activities has been increasing from then on.

On May 13, Selina updated her microblog with a photo she took while having high tea. The picture showed the starlet wearing a red headband, with most of her hair grown back. Her facial features also appeared sharper, showing a happier Selina.

In the photo, captioned "Having high tea with a new bag from Ella!", Selina smiled happily into the camera and was seen wearing long sleeves and protective gloves.

Although she's now able to leave her house, it was evident from the photo that Selina is still in a recovery process. The singer was severely burnt when an explosion scene in her drama I Have a Date with Spring went awry.

In her post, Selina also mentioned about her recovery progress.

"I had a crew cut when I was discharge from the hospital. Now, I can tuck my hair behind my ears already. The time taken to blow my hair dry is slowly increasing; Every inch and strand (of my hair) records the awful past they had been through," Selina wrote.

The singer then expressed that she had managed to make it to Hebe Tien's birthday after her own birthday last year. She would be celebrating band mate Ella Chen's birthday next.

Selina hopes to recover fully before her birthday in October this year, she wrote: "I am very happy right now, but I am also eager to get well soon."

While Selina lamented her condition, friends and fans are showering their encouragements. Newlywed Christine Fan commented "Go beautiful! (sic)", while renowned Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai stated, "Very beautiful, my dear."

She's truly beautifully, inside and outside. 

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