May 01, 2011

The Drama called Unbeatable

One word. Trendy. 
Two words. Women Power. 
Three words. Very Pretty Actresses 
Four words. Strikingly Handsome Hu Bing 
Five words. This Drama Needs an OST! 

Unbeatable boasts an interregional cast with actors and actresses from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland. But what's a stellar cast without a well scripted storyline? Unbeatable's storyline is not only well scripted but also well paced. The drama starts off with the main protagonist, Lu Xiao Xiao, or two smiling mouths as she calls herself, going to an interview at Logan, a PR company. Before she goes into the interview, she meet the handsome yet mysterious janitor who seems to know everything about everyone in the company. She later befriends him and enlists his help to find "God's Hand", the mysterious person who seems control her course of life. Entering Logan was also because of this mysterious person. 

Xiao Xiao, inevitably, fails the interview because she has no experience. But through a twist of events, she becomes Logan's top Executive Creative Director with no experience to back her up. Luckily, with the help of Logan's Creative Director, Susan, she's able to smoothly face the media. She quickly becomes friends with Susan. Later, she meets her cousin, Kelly, who happens to also be a Creative Director at Logan. 

Things aren't going smoothly for Xiao Xiao but mysterious "God's Hand" helps her through the crisis every time. His motives are questionable and his identity remains a mystery. 

Who is "God's Hand"? What are his motives? Why did he pick Xiao Xiao? 
That's for you to watch and find out! 

This is one of the few dramas where the voices are NOT DUBBED! It's sooo wonderful to listen to original voices. There's just so much more feel this way. And I must add, this drama is full of beautiful ladies and quite suave looking guys, especially Hu Bing! Wait, till he appears! Oh another plus for this drama are the songs! The ending theme song is a duet by Yuan Cheng and Stephy Qi, the one who plays Susan! 

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