May 25, 2011


Never in my history of drama-ing, have I ever hated the main character so much. Despicable, despicable character. Law Sir, you put teachers to shame. How dare you tell Miss. Koo to be strong! How dare you shed crocodile tears as if you never meant to hurt her! You have never once thought of her feelings! You cheated on her! You lied to her! And most despicable, you used her! You stepped on her heart to get a police badge. How dare you call yourself a teacher! I dislike you even more when you waited outside Miss. Koo's house just to try to encourage her with empty words. Leave your pity for yourself! Just how can you do that! The only thing she did to you was love you, yet you destroyed her life. You destroyed her family. Her loving family, despite the triad background. At least, amidst the lies, they truly cared for her, unlike you and your selfishness. Did you even care about her feelings when you took the back door with Miss Ho? What makes you think that you have the right to play Miss. Koo like that! Just because you're an undercover doesn't mean you can treat Miss. Koo like a sticky note! You are just so fake! Disgusting!

He deserves to end up alone. I don't even want him to get back with Miss Koo or be paired with Miss Ho. In the beginning, I was looking forward towards a Law Sir - Miss Ho pairing but not anymore. The moment he two timed Miss. Koo was the point of no return.

Law Sir, you are the worst person in the history of dramas!

May 22, 2011

Yen-J - Good Things 好的事情

I think I'm starting to like Yen-J, well, at least his songs. I love love listening to his music. He's one of the few talented composer and singer. This song, Good Things, is the ending theme song of SETTV's current drama, Drunken in Love With You. It sounds so refreshing and just so soothingly.

May 20, 2011

Peter Ho - I remembered I've loved before

Credit: lixjie@youtube

This song caught my attention when I was watching Summer's Desire. I didn't realize Peter sounded this good until I heard this song. I like his voice. The first time I saw him was...not in Summer's Desire, but in Unbeatable, that China drama that was full of twists and turns. I loved his orange janitor uniform in there~ hahahahaha

May 14, 2011

Selina Jen goes out for high tea

Source :
Credit: AF

After visiting the Taipei International Flora Expo in a wheelchair last month, singer Selina Jen's outdoor activities has been increasing from then on.

On May 13, Selina updated her microblog with a photo she took while having high tea. The picture showed the starlet wearing a red headband, with most of her hair grown back. Her facial features also appeared sharper, showing a happier Selina.

In the photo, captioned "Having high tea with a new bag from Ella!", Selina smiled happily into the camera and was seen wearing long sleeves and protective gloves.

Although she's now able to leave her house, it was evident from the photo that Selina is still in a recovery process. The singer was severely burnt when an explosion scene in her drama I Have a Date with Spring went awry.

In her post, Selina also mentioned about her recovery progress.

"I had a crew cut when I was discharge from the hospital. Now, I can tuck my hair behind my ears already. The time taken to blow my hair dry is slowly increasing; Every inch and strand (of my hair) records the awful past they had been through," Selina wrote.

The singer then expressed that she had managed to make it to Hebe Tien's birthday after her own birthday last year. She would be celebrating band mate Ella Chen's birthday next.

Selina hopes to recover fully before her birthday in October this year, she wrote: "I am very happy right now, but I am also eager to get well soon."

While Selina lamented her condition, friends and fans are showering their encouragements. Newlywed Christine Fan commented "Go beautiful! (sic)", while renowned Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai stated, "Very beautiful, my dear."

She's truly beautifully, inside and outside. 

May 11, 2011

如果遇見 Shutter Love

Awesome Awesome commercial. A simple yet beautiful story told in just under 3 minutes. Creative and witty. Nokiaaa~

突然好想你 Suddenly Miss You Mayday

Even though, our paths separated one and a half years ago, I still miss you very much. Lately, I started listening to this song, and thoughts of you started to resurface. How are you? Are you happy? Are you sad?

Autumn's Concerto, I miss you.

Suddenly Miss You

Written and composed by Mayday's Ah Shin
English translation: Merry@onedayinmay

最怕空氣突然安靜 最怕朋友突然的關心
I’m most afraid of a sudden stillness, most afraid of friends’ concern
最怕回憶 突然翻滾絞痛著不平息
I’m most afraid of memories suddenly engulfing me in sorrows that won’t subside
最怕突然 聽到你的消息
I’m most afraid of suddenly hearing news about you

想念如果會有聲音 不願那是悲傷的哭泣
If nostalgia had a sound, I’d rather it not be mournful weeping
事到如今 終於讓自己屬於我自己
These days at last I belong fully to myself
只剩眼淚 還騙不過自己
With my tears to remind me how I’ve fooled myself

突然好想你 你會在哪裡 過得快樂或委屈
Suddenly missing you, where could you be, are you doing well or not
突然好想你 突然鋒利的回憶 突然模糊的眼睛
Suddenly missing you, a suddenly sharp memory, suddenly indistinct vision

我們像一首最美麗的歌曲 變成兩部悲傷的電影
We were like the most beautiful song, turning into two tragic films
為什麼你 帶我走過最難忘的旅行
Why did you take me on such unforgettable travels
然後留下 最痛的紀念品
And then leave me with such painful souvenirs

我們 那麼甜那麼美那麼相信 那麼瘋那麼熱烈的曾經
We had so much sweetness, so much beauty, so much faith, so much pain, such a passionate past
Why did we rush off each to grow old in our own happiness and regrets

突然好想你 你會在哪裡 過得快樂或委屈
Suddenly missing you, where could you be, are you doing well or not
突然好想你 突然鋒利的回憶 突然模糊的眼睛
Suddenly missing you, a suddenly sharp memory, suddenly indistinct vision

最怕空氣突然安靜 最怕朋友突然的關心
I’m most afraid of a sudden stillness, most afraid of friends’ concern
最怕回憶 突然翻滾絞痛著不平息 最怕突然 聽到你的消息
I’m most afraid of memories suddenly engulfing me in sorrows that won’t subside
最怕此生 已經決心自己過沒有你 卻又突然 聽到你的消息
I’m most afraid that in this life which I’ve already determined to live without you
I’ll suddenly hear news about you

May 03, 2011

Drama Quote 1


Google translates: People do not make mistakes is not cute

May 01, 2011

The Drama called Unbeatable

One word. Trendy. 
Two words. Women Power. 
Three words. Very Pretty Actresses 
Four words. Strikingly Handsome Hu Bing 
Five words. This Drama Needs an OST! 

Unbeatable boasts an interregional cast with actors and actresses from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland. But what's a stellar cast without a well scripted storyline? Unbeatable's storyline is not only well scripted but also well paced. The drama starts off with the main protagonist, Lu Xiao Xiao, or two smiling mouths as she calls herself, going to an interview at Logan, a PR company. Before she goes into the interview, she meet the handsome yet mysterious janitor who seems to know everything about everyone in the company. She later befriends him and enlists his help to find "God's Hand", the mysterious person who seems control her course of life. Entering Logan was also because of this mysterious person. 

Xiao Xiao, inevitably, fails the interview because she has no experience. But through a twist of events, she becomes Logan's top Executive Creative Director with no experience to back her up. Luckily, with the help of Logan's Creative Director, Susan, she's able to smoothly face the media. She quickly becomes friends with Susan. Later, she meets her cousin, Kelly, who happens to also be a Creative Director at Logan. 

Things aren't going smoothly for Xiao Xiao but mysterious "God's Hand" helps her through the crisis every time. His motives are questionable and his identity remains a mystery. 

Who is "God's Hand"? What are his motives? Why did he pick Xiao Xiao? 
That's for you to watch and find out! 

This is one of the few dramas where the voices are NOT DUBBED! It's sooo wonderful to listen to original voices. There's just so much more feel this way. And I must add, this drama is full of beautiful ladies and quite suave looking guys, especially Hu Bing! Wait, till he appears! Oh another plus for this drama are the songs! The ending theme song is a duet by Yuan Cheng and Stephy Qi, the one who plays Susan!