April 23, 2011

A Place that Takes Your Breath Away

Lush green meadow in the dew of morning

The same meadow with a bench overlooking a large pond

A wall made of tree trunks 

A large dining room house for hosting large parties

A paved road to get around on this large property

A small overview of the huge property that makes one envious
Imagine this is where you live, breathtaking scenary

This looks like a backview of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarter. 

Oska's dining room, perhaps?

Three pavilions for rest after taking a walk in the...er..backyard.  

Side view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarter overlooking a rectangular pond with a walkway

Oska's living room overlooking a shallow pool of water 

Front view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarters

Front view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarters at night

One word. ENVIOUS. Another word. BREATHTAKING. This is a humongous place to live at! And it's so beautiful too. Everything is so beautiful. The architecture of the houses are so unique and modern. The scenery, itself, takes your breath away. By the way, these caps are taken from the Korean drama, Secret Garden.(Bold means you've been demanded to watch it!!!) Kim Joo Won and Oska are so rich, they have meadows overlooking ponds as their backyard! And OH MY GOD!!! I'm even more envious of the amount of pacing space that Kim Joo Won has! He loves to pace when he's deep in thought, me too! He has a whole field to pace around in! ENVY ENVY ENVY!!! 


  1. ENVY ! *____* omg hyun bin >___< Babo :D

  2. what a interesting place :D

    thanks for sharing