April 23, 2011

Harem Behind the Scene 1

Patrick Tam receives a birthday cake in the midst of filming. Happy belated birthday! 

At 3:22

Ady: Today is Brother Tam's birthday. 
Patrick: Thank You. 
Ady: Happy Birthday! 
Patrick: Thank you so much. 
Ady: He lost another year. Hahaha~ 
Patrick: (cheek towards Ady) Thank you so much. 
Ady: *cough* Sorry Sorry. Ok Ok Happy birthday. *smack* 
Patrick: Thank you. Thank you. 
Ady: This year he got a new baby, very cute daughter.
Patrick: Yea!!! Will go back on Sunday to see baby. 
Ady: Yes! 
Patrick: We'll be done very soon. There's still a few hours left. Today is Ady's drama completion day! 
Ady: If it was you, it'll be no problem too. 
Patrick: Of course, of course. 
Ady: Sorry, you're still filming with us now. 
Patrick: Of course. I will do my fastest. I'll try not to forget my lines. 

Hahaha! They're so happy! 

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