April 27, 2011

The Royal Harem

Synopsis from Dramawiki: 

Ming Emperor Xian Zong had yet to produce a male heir. The worried court officials pressured the Emperor to take on new consorts. Thus, the door to the Royal Harem opened to four women who would later cause havoc to the palace. One would capture Emperor’s heart.

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April 23, 2011

A Place that Takes Your Breath Away

Lush green meadow in the dew of morning

The same meadow with a bench overlooking a large pond

A wall made of tree trunks 

A large dining room house for hosting large parties

A paved road to get around on this large property

A small overview of the huge property that makes one envious
Imagine this is where you live, breathtaking scenary

This looks like a backview of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarter. 

Oska's dining room, perhaps?

Three pavilions for rest after taking a walk in the...er..backyard.  

Side view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarter overlooking a rectangular pond with a walkway

Oska's living room overlooking a shallow pool of water 

Front view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarters

Front view of Kim Joo Won's sleeping quarters at night

One word. ENVIOUS. Another word. BREATHTAKING. This is a humongous place to live at! And it's so beautiful too. Everything is so beautiful. The architecture of the houses are so unique and modern. The scenery, itself, takes your breath away. By the way, these caps are taken from the Korean drama, Secret Garden.(Bold means you've been demanded to watch it!!!) Kim Joo Won and Oska are so rich, they have meadows overlooking ponds as their backyard! And OH MY GOD!!! I'm even more envious of the amount of pacing space that Kim Joo Won has! He loves to pace when he's deep in thought, me too! He has a whole field to pace around in! ENVY ENVY ENVY!!! 

A Terracotta Warrior Cartoon Version


Meng Tiang Fang 蒙天放

Xu Xiao Jing 徐小鏡

Kai Ping 開平 and Xiao Jing 小鏡

Oh my stars!!! These are soooo cuteee!!! Artists are artists for a reason~ 

By the way, A Terracotta Warrior, has just started its premiere in Taiwan and the last I heard its ratings were rising by the episode. 

天上千千萬萬顆星星, 只要看懂一顆就夠了. 
世上千千萬萬個姑娘, 只要愛上一個就夠了. 

Harem Behind the Scene 1

Patrick Tam receives a birthday cake in the midst of filming. Happy belated birthday! 

At 3:22

Ady: Today is Brother Tam's birthday. 
Patrick: Thank You. 
Ady: Happy Birthday! 
Patrick: Thank you so much. 
Ady: He lost another year. Hahaha~ 
Patrick: (cheek towards Ady) Thank you so much. 
Ady: *cough* Sorry Sorry. Ok Ok Happy birthday. *smack* 
Patrick: Thank you. Thank you. 
Ady: This year he got a new baby, very cute daughter.
Patrick: Yea!!! Will go back on Sunday to see baby. 
Ady: Yes! 
Patrick: We'll be done very soon. There's still a few hours left. Today is Ady's drama completion day! 
Ady: If it was you, it'll be no problem too. 
Patrick: Of course, of course. 
Ady: Sorry, you're still filming with us now. 
Patrick: Of course. I will do my fastest. I'll try not to forget my lines. 

Hahaha! They're so happy! 

"Sensitive Matters" to Hit Screen on 5/27/2011

Oh shucks, weibo is down again

Carrot, carrot, shall I dice or slice you. Xiao Le is hungry. 

I couldn't help but laugh at her expression here

Princess Ady~

Stills from Ady's movie, Sensitive Matters were released a few days ago! These pictures look funny but the movie's a thriller. Maybe comical thriller? But I doubt that's the case, since the movie poster, itself, looks pretty...shocking

Ady An Tie GuanYin Tea Commercial

Time to go hunting for Master Kang's Tie Guan Yin tea!!! FYI Tie Kuan Yin is another name for high quality oolong tea.

Ady An Water Margin MV

They become sworn siblings instead of lovers.

April 22, 2011

Random Updates

Celsius Updates:
Wow, it's been so long since I wrote a blog post, I almost forgot how to write. Hahahahahaha. I've been so busy lately with schoolwork and exams. Spring break does not equate vacation in my world. It just means more time to finish those assignments!!! ROARRR! But no matter how busy I am, I always make time for drama, yeehehehehe! There's not much to watch these days, but I'll be watching for summer to come, then the market will be over flooded with dramas~ 

Selina Update: 
Selina is a really brave and strong woman. From the articles I've read, she seems to be recovering steadily both physically and mentally. Last I heard, she went to the Flora Expo in Taiwan. 加油, Selina, 加油! 

Jimmy Update:
My condolescenes to Jimmy and his family. 

Recent Wedding Updates:
A lot of celebrities are getting married this year. Here are some that just got married recently:

Stefanie Sun 
Ah Dan 
Tuo Zong Kang 

Congrats Congrats! 

April 11, 2011

Ella brings everyone together during Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net

During the celebration party after this Saturday’s 1st Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, Ella was very hyper. While telling her junior Anthony Neely to teach everyone Wing Chun martial arts, she also got all the artistes present to dance to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

After the awards ceremony was over, singers including Ella, Hebe, Kenji Wu, JJ Lin, Jing Chang, Han Geng, A-Lin, Bibi Chou, Yu Ke Wei, Zhang Jie etc. were present at the celebration party. Originally, everyone was just eating and chatting with each other. However, Ella, known for her enthusiasm, suddenly stood up to say: “We’re singers who love music so we can’t just sit here and eat and drink. We need to be active.”

As soon as she finished her words, Ella rushed towards the stage and grabbed the microphone to host. Besides ordering Anthony Neely to demonstrate Wing Chun, she started naming artistes one by one to come up on stage to learn. Hebe couldn’t help but comment: “Ella is especially hyper today.” After everyone started joining in the fun, Ella took out her phone and started playing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Then she got everyone to dance with her.

Since the music volume was not sufficient, Ella yelled: “If we don’t have music, there won’t be any feeling anymore!” In response, JJ Lin could only offer his beat-boxing skills to accompany the other artistes who were singing “Baby.”

Not only did Ella host the event, she even instructed everyone on the dance steps. She expressed: “I’m really happy today because it’s been a long time since so many of my good friends have gathered together. It’s a good feeling to have everyone come together through award ceremonies.”

Ha ha ha ha! This world needs some humor and togetherness! Way to go, Ella!