March 03, 2011

Fourth Prince Thoughtful Lines

Looks like there's no catch here, even though I didn't catch a fish today that doesn't mean I won't catch one tomorrow. I believe one day I will catch a fish.

The past won't change, the present is changing, the future will change. Life is always in constant transformation, you won't know what tomorrow will bring until you reach tomorrow. And when you reach tomorrow, tomorrow will be today, and there will be a new tomorrow and so on and so forth. So in conclusion, there are infinitely many tomorrows, just like there are infinitely many natural numbers.

If your feet is hurting, then your heart won't be hurting as much. So as long as it's something you want, you must fight unwaveringly towards your goal.

Be a man. Fight pain with pain! Run towards your goal. There will be obstacles, if you can't jump over them, then knock them down. It's kind of like finding decimal forms of fractions. We often knock the numerator down into the dividing house. On a side note, I shall install a path made of stone around my future house. I would like to walk on that stone path when I'm overburdened by things, like right now.

Even if there are no lights illuminating my road, I can still take big steps forward and finish walking my entire path.

His fearless determination to walk in the dark is absolutely admirable. He left a really deep impression because of this particular line and this particular scene. It's such a powerful line. And it reminds me of a particular quote in Autumn's Concerto: "No matter how difficult life is, we can always complete the most touching symphony." You can close the street lamps lighting up my road, you can make the traffic light stay red, you can order a road block, but whatever you do, you can't stop me from walking my path.

We all have a star that belongs to us in the sky that we protect.

Ancient romantic people love using stars as analogies. Meng Tian Fang said to Han Dong Er: There are thousands and thousands of stars in the sky, but just understanding one is enough. There are thousands and thousands of ladies in this world, but just falling in love with one is enough. Han Dong Er said to someone: One person on Earth, One star in the Sky. Fourth Prince said to Qing Chuan: You are my star.

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