March 08, 2011

Aaron Yan Clothes Off For MV

Source: Liberty Times, UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Forget the old Aaron. Prepare to see The Next Aaron takes it all off soon.

Releasing his debut album in April, Aaron Yan is not hesitated to liberate from his old image. He has a bold performance in "The Next Me" MV. His company released a 30-second preview clip of the MV lately. Aaron is seen taking his clothes off one by one, in the end his pants are shown slipping off.

The concept of this MV is liberation. The MV crew prepare a beige-colored underwear for the 25-year-old to wear, but he agrees to just take it all off to express the idea better.

"It's supposed to show my real feelings," said Aaron. "Take off my image, my protection color. Back to me, the real Aaron Yan."

The MV to be released on March 10.

As much as I adore Arron, I'm not very supportive of him this time around. I definitely think he went too far with this stripping thing. I have no problem with him stripping but stripping to stark naked sounds desperate. I know he wants to show a new side of himself but not this way please. This is just weird.

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  1. I agree with you. Sorry for making such a comment but he's a little over this time though he has a REAL hot body. :x