February 27, 2011


Kenji Weibo

HOLYSHUCKLEMUCKLE! Kenji Wu's post describes exactly how I feel whenever I watch a really good drama!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! There's actually loads of people like that! Hahaha! We are all one.

His post reads: "Watching a drama that you really like. When you reach the last few episodes, you'll be reluctant to finish watching it...you'll force yourself to slowly watch it, slowly watch it. Because you're afraid of that empty feeling after you finish watch it. I think, love is like that too. Just that you will always see the ending of a drama. "

That's EXACTLY what I do. I force myself to watch it very very slowly. Remember Autumn's Concerto, I delayed the ending for two whole weeks!!! I was itching to watch it but I hated the fact after I watch it, there wouldn't be anymore to watch.

Kenji, you nailed it! You know how I feel! or we (drama addicts) feel.

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  1. I feel like that after watching an anime or dramas that really got to me!!!