February 12, 2011

Jade Palace Lock Heart 宫锁心玉 Themesong

I think it's the first time I've seen a drama with two different versions of the theme song and both versions are used. This version is sung by the female lead, Yang Mi. If you don't remember her, she was also in Chinese Paladin 3 with Hu Ge. Someone over at Baidu mentioned that almost everyone involved in Chinese Paladin has been time traveling lately! That's sooo true! Hu Ge time traveled via The Myth. Ady recently kinda time traveled via The Terracotta Warrior. And now Yang Mi is time traveling via Jade Palace Lock Heart. Now we're just waiting for Tang Yan and Wallace Huo to time travel. Hahahaha~ Oh, I didn't forget Liu Shi Shi, she's going to be time traveling too soon via Xin Xin Jing Bu. Just to make it even more interesting, Hu Ge and Ady both time traveled to the same era, the dynasty of the First Emperor, the Qin dynasty. Yang Mi and Liu Shi Shi also time traveled to the same dynasty, the era of Emperor Kang Xi in the Qing dynasty! 2011 is the year of time traveling dramas!

This version is by Mickey He, or the Fourth Prince in the drama. He sings it soo nice! I like this version a tad more than Yang Mi's version but her version is pretty good too! Ahhh~ Fourth Prince, he has like the most quotable lines in the drama. Almost everything he says is soo deep and meaningful. No wonder Qing Chuan likes Yong Zheng. But Eighth Prince is alsooo sooo cute whenever he's with Qing Chuan! Can I be both a Fourth Prince and Eighth Prince supporter? Hahahahahaa!


  1. Nah 8th prince is the best.

  2. 4th prince personality in this drama is too complicated.

  3. 8th prince all the way!! 4th prince was annoying to me.. LOL