February 21, 2011

BTS Photos of Terracotta Warrior

What a nice picture of "father" and "son"! Hahahahaaa!

I is envious of Liang. He gets to take pictures with beautiful people! So luckkyyyy! Don't worry, Liang! I still like you! hehehe!

Uh Oh~ Xiao Le will be jealous~

Grandmas are so freakin cool and Xiao Jing's grandma is no different! I love how she makes things up all the time. Like how Liang suddenly became Xiao Jing's brother and then later Xiao Jing's son with Kai Ping! Or the time when she made Kai Ping her grandson in law!!!

Flawless acting. Gallen Lo. A formidable actor with a thundering aura. This is what TVB lacks, along with a bunch of other things. But anyways, Qin Shi Huang had one of the saddest ending in the show. Not only was his love unrequited, but he had to suffer the backstabbing of two of his most trusted people, possibly, the only two people he trusted. He even had to personally order their death and watch them die in front of him.

This was taken during mid Autumn's Festival, I think.


Where in the dynasty did they get that headgear from? It looks hilarioussss!!! By the way, this scene is bullsh*tting at its highest level. Crazy Mastery of Hoodwinking, I tell you.

Look whose here to visit Adyyyy! It's Joe, William, and Shone!!! They sure came to visit at the right time, *ahem* if you remember this scene...HAHAHAHAA.

I MUST ADMIT THAT I LIKE THAT NERD ON THE LEFT! He's so darn cute and clueless at times! I loved his storyline with Annie in the third lifetime, I just wished it was little more developed. And please, nerd, please do not turn your back on Annie ever again! Wish you happiness, Peace!

Asians love peace sign!

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