February 19, 2011

Ady the Angel

A breathtaking MV made by a dear fan of Ady. Wonderful piece of artwork. What touches me the most is the clip at the very end and the words left by the fan. In the short clip, Ady talks about how she's not her own angel because she can't make herself happy but she can make others happy. I feel a bit down hearing that but I guess if the people around you are safe and happy, then you'll be happy yourself. The words at the end reads: Ady, you are our angel. If you are safe and sound, then it is a sunny day. I agree a million times!


  1. isn't she happy with her life now?

  2. uhhh, you'll have to ask her that. In the clip, she's basically saying that she's better at making others happy vs. making herself happy. She didn't become her own angel but she became other people's angel.

    Personally, I feel that she's the type of person that puts others ahead of herself.