January 30, 2011

A Second Look @ A Terracotta Warrior

So what actually transcended space and time was not a person...but love.

In this world, long life super pills do not exist, only long life love exists.

The two main themes of the drama "Fight and Love With A Terracotta Warrior".

Three lifetimes. Three stories. And never changing love. Great story, great idea, but the ending falls short of delivery that final message: the only thing that can withstand the rotting of time is love.

The first lifetime in the Qin dynasty was beautifully sad. I love how they juxtaposed the comical first part with the tragic second part. It really brings out the tragic factor. What a nice way to tear up our hearts at the end. Very very memorable lifetime and my favorite one too. I love all the comic scenes! Han Dong Er is the "heart" of this lifetime! She's so hilarious and quick witted.


The second lifetime...I wasn't too fond of...because of that time period. I don't really like to watch shows from that time period. Anyhows, the beginning of this lifetime was ok, it didn't start to pick up for me until Lan Tian/Tian Fang goes back into the tomb. Pretty interesting thing they did there with the whole Tian Fang going into Lan Tian thing. So many hypothesis about what actually happened to Lan Tian. He definitely came back at the very end when Li Li was about to die. The second lifetime ended on another sad note.


The third lifetime is my second favorite even though I wasn't fond of the ending. It was a happy ending, but it didn't really live up to the expectations left down by the first and second lifetime. Nevertheless, I loved watching Xiao Jing and Kai Ping bicker, I just wish there was more lovey dovey scenes between them. I also really enjoyed Zao Feng and Annie's story too! I went from disliking Annie's first and second lifetime character to loving her third lifetime character to gradually accepting all three lifetimes of her. She's had a hard life in all three lifetimes. I felt so happy for her when Zao Feng finally re-accepts her.


Ady An, Du Chun, Gallen Lo, Anna Fang, Zhao Yang, and everyone who participated in this drama. Thank you! 辛苦了!


  1. I agree with you, overall, the story, characters and development of themes were really good, but the ending was just too rushed. I felt kinda empty, when it just ended, I felt like it was lacking something... There were some draggy parts, if only they evened it out so that the ending would be paced properly.

    Nevertheless, I really like this drama and I'll remember it as a drama that I really enjoyed and liked =] I think it's the chemistry between the characters that really pulled through, displaying their pure love. Especially in first story, I felt it was a true, everlasting love story. Really beautiful and sad. I loved seeing Dong Er and Tian Fang together, their bicker scenes, love scenes, and crying scenes were all great. And of course, the finale scene was portrayed out beautifully and tragically.

    I would think that the second story to be my least favourite as well, because of the time and characters. I liked Lan Tian and Li Li together, so when Tian Fang came back, I don't think it matched or something... I think this story is tragic in its own way that Lan Tian is actually gone (or at least his memories) and Li Li never got a chance to tell him her feelings nor did he know about them. In the end, I thought it was just Tian Fang realizing how he's not supposed to be in this era, and decided that he should be and is Lan Tian... Or is it that Lan Tian's conscious came back? But then he wouldn't kill himself and sit there to protect the tomb...Hmm... I wonder what's the real reasoning about Tian Fang/Lan Tian encounter...

    I like the light-heartedness of the third story, the chemistry between Xiao Jing and Kai Ping. Plus, they look really good together as a couple in their characters =] Their bickering and fighting scenes were cute, ya more lovey dovey scenes would have been good. I felt the love that Kai Ping had for Xiao Jing and using his methods to show that his love is there. But I didn't feel like Xiao Jing showed as much care and love towards Kai Ping, maybe it's her character's personality? It would have been better if she showed more concern when Kai Ping got injured and went to the hospital... But I guess in modern times, there aren't as many life-death situations to show their love for one another. The plot should have somehow been able to do it...

    Anyways, sorry about this long comment =] I like reading what other people think about the drama as well. Since I liked this drama so much, I had an urge to make a music video for it, check it out on youtube, any feedback would be good. I finished it in less than a day, so it's not the greatest. Just search chocoturtle88

  2. Wow! Longest comment I ever got! Awesome! And what a coincidence~I was just watching that MV yesterday (cuz i was searching for new ady videos). It's sooo awesome! I really like the song you picked for it! Your transitions are pretty neat too! Swoosh next scene, swoosh next scene! Your transitions remind me of a dialouge between Xiao Jing and her friend where Xiao Jing says smtg like my eyes are like lasers and nothing can hide from me. And then her friend says You should go to the airport and be an x ray scanner. Swoosh bomb. swoosh egg. swoosh blah blah blah.

    What program you used to make it? Teach meee~ hahahaha. I did a video back then for Autumn's Concerto but it didn't turn out that great. ='(

    Hmm, the thing with Kai Ping that I have a problem with is that he was introduced as a playboy...and the drama never really dismisses that side of him besides that line that Xiao Jing says, "He never loved any of his previous GFs, cuz he's still waiting for that one person". The drama should have showed this point more rather than just having her say that. Even though I enjoyed all Xiao Jing and Kai Ping's bickering and stuff, I still have this small tiny doubt in the back of my mind. I do believe he really love Xiao Jing but I can't believe that 100%.

    Also, with the ending, it was lacking an epiphamy moment. That sucks.

    And I totally agree with you on chemistry between characters/actors. They nailed it! They truly did. Unfortunately, the script failed them.

  3. Thanks for watching it and the comments as well. At first, I thought I did an okay job, but watching it a couple more times made me think else wise, there are still lots to improve. I did try to match the timing and scenes with the lyrics =] When I first heard this song, and listened to the lyrics, it felt like the perfect song for this drama. There were so many others scenes I wanted to put in, but I didn't feel like a lot of the modern scenes matched and there were too many to choose from in general =P I do want to make another one with more modern scenes and other scenes I didn't put in =D

    I used iMovie for it, and it's only my second time using it to make a music video, so I'm still learning and not very good. I think this one turned out better than my first one, which was quite a while ago... I really loved Autumn's Concerto too and wanted to make a music video, but the episodes I have are in a format I have to convert before editing, so I was lazy, plus there are so many great AC fan music videos out there already =]

    Ya, I think both Xiao Jing and Kai Ping needed to display that they loved each other more so that it's obvious that there's pure love between them. Or more happenings that emphasize the love. I think the climax (or lack thereof) of the ending was too typical (slightly predictable and cheesy), so it wasn't much of a climax, that's maybe why the ending was dull. Ya, if only, they perfected the script or brushed up on the disappointing parts, to make this drama perfect with plot and characters.