January 27, 2011

Marriage Frenzy at "A Terracotta Warrior" Bar

OMG! Baidu Tieba is heaven for drama addicts! There's so many other drama addicts there and they are pretty crazy too! Hahahahahaaa! I'm back after lurking around "A Terracotta Warrior" Bar and I am speechless at the craziness level there. There are so many people impersonating the characters from the dramas, from Qin Shi Huang to Qin Zhao Feng's eyeglasses. That's right! Someone made an account named "Qin Zhao Feng's eyeglasses". I also saw Shooting Star Mirror, Meng Tian Fang's Sword, Luo Kai Ping's iPhone, Longevity Pill, Millions of Stars, God Beast Crystal, 28 Constellation Crystal, etc. It's a very very lively forum! And these last few days, everyone's been going on a marriage frenzy. I witness so many "Dong Er" and "Tian Fang" marriages and some other rather unexpected unions.

Here's a list of some of the marriages (different users with same character):
- Dong Er and Tian Fang
- Li Li and Lan Tian
- Xiao Jing and Kai Ping
- Annie and Zhao Feng
- Xiao Jing and Liang(Annie and Zhao Feng's son)
- Xu Zhen (the reporter) and Qiu Ling (the 1st girl whose blood was drained) *they got married today*
- Zhao Gao and Xiao Jing's Grandma
- Mei Jiang and Hong Xiao Long(character from TVB A Step Into the Past)
- I think either Zhao Feng's eyeglasses or the sword got married with someone
- Shooting Star confessed to Qiu Ling but got rejected
- iPhone also confessed to Qiu Ling and got rejected too

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