January 09, 2011

It all began with a shooting star

The meteor shower that started it all.

Han Dong Er, a lover of the night sky, spots four shooting stars in the sky.

It's beautiful but also very deadly. The shooting stars fall down onto Earth towards the First Emperor's terracotta workshop. Many workers are injured as they scrambled out of the shooting stars path.

The next morning, Dong Er, is determined to collect some shooting stars. She sneaks into the workshop and collects a bagful of shooting star debris.

On the other hand, the Emperor rushes to his workshop to preview the damages. Some people in black attempt to kill him but he is saved by General Meng Tian Fang. Tian Fang chases after the bandits and the Emperor follows. On the chase, the Emperor falls off his horse and meets Dong Er who is finished collecting her shooting stars.

A hilarious conversation between the Emperor and Dong Er ensues. Dong Er is completely clueless about this man standing in front of her despite the many times he tells her that he is 朕, a self referring term used exclusively by the emperor. A bandit suddenly appears and Dong Er uses her shooting star to block the bandit's sword. Her shooting star splits in half and she cries, "My shooting star! It's cut in half again!"

The Emperor battles the bandit while Dong Er goes behind a tree and tries to aim her shooting star at the bandit. The bandit moves in front of her, and she shoots...

The bandit moves in the nick of time and her shooting star strikes the Emperor in the head. Whoops!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! One of the funniest scenes in the show so far! Ady's facial expressions are hilarious! Good show good show! Hmm, now that I think back, there were 4 shooting stars, I wonder if there is any significance on the emphasis of 4 shooting stars. Why must there be a set number of shooting stars? Could it be that these 4 shooting stars represent 4 characters: Dong Er, the General, the Emperor, and Mei Jiang? Hmmm...or maybe I'm just thinking too much.


  1. Do you mind telling me where you're watching from? I can't find the series anywhere!? =S


  2. I'm really enjoying this drama =] Just wondering in your banner, the big top right picture of Meng Tian Fang and Dong Er, which scene is that? Which episode is it, I finished the ancient arc of the series and I just can't remember the event for that scene... Thanks =]