January 07, 2011

Fight and Love With A Terracotta Warrior Trailer

Hmmm, weird, the dubbing in the trailer sounds different from the dubbing in the actual show. I've watched 12 episodes already and Han Dong Er (played by Ady An) is hilarious! She's extremely bubbly and smart! Ahh, but happy times are often short lived. Usually, when something really good happens, something really bad follows. Yikes! Dong Er!


  1. I'm watching it too, just finished episode 09 and enjoying it. Ady's character is very cute and smart. Looking forward to watching the rest =]
    Do you know who sings the ending song? Or the song title?

  2. Han Dong Er~~~

    Dong Er is my favorite Ady character now! It's so funny how everytime Dong Er gets locked up, the first thing she does is ask to go to the bathroom! HAHAHHAAA!

    The song title is 焚心似火 sung by Zu Hai in mando. The original 焚心似火 was sung by sally yeh in canto.

  3. which site are you watching this drama...

  4. where can I watch Fight and Love With A Terracotta Warrior ???