January 29, 2011

Falling from a mountain

I finally finish watching A Terracotta Warrior. I want to slap someone because the ending sucks. It really sucks.
  • Awkward flow between scenes. How do you jump from being flushed out of mausoleum to Zhao Feng taking pictures of his son? This last episode was really just three big scenes: entering and exiting mausoleum, Zhao Feng and family happy time, Kai Ping and Xiao Jing kissing time.
  • Lack of in depth Love Dialouge. This is a love story, it's suppose to move people to the point where the supermarkets run out of Kleenex. Unfortunately, all Annie got from Zhao Feng "I've loved you all along" and it wasn't even touching. It was too fast and didn't sound sincere. And between Kai Ping and Xiao Jing...that's another story that I have to complain about. They were more like flirting around than loving around. Come on, scriptwriters! What happened to that intenseness between Dong Er and Tian Fang!!! Did it rust during its time travel???
  • Very Random Things Happen. What was the shooting star mirror all about? Kai Ping just took it out and it released something. That's just way too weird. And during the "intense" life/death scene, Xiao Jing slapped Kai Ping and he decides to be with her for the rest of his life. Uhhh, a little too easy there?
OH MY GOODNESS! This ending makes me so mad and disappointed, I want to write up my own ending. The only good thing I like about the ending was how the bad guy, Annie's father, got grappled with chains and disappeared forever behind closed doors.

THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS TIME AND HISTORY. YET THIS SHOW LACKS THE VERY THING IT WAS SUPPOSE TO CONVEY, LOVE! WHERE IS IT? Han Dong Er and Meng Tian Fang had love. Zhu Li Li and Lan Tian had love. Even Zhao Feng and Annie had love. Where's the incredible love between Kai Ping and Xiao Jing!

Meng Tian Fang gets burned into A Terracotta Warrior to stand up for the love between him and Han Dong Er.
Han Dong Er ran into a pit of flames to die with Meng Tian Fang.
Zhu Li Li blocked a bullet and died in the arms of Lan Tian.
Lan Tian killed himself to be with Li Li.
What did Kai Ping and Xiao Jing do for love?
They had loads of cute moments but they were all flirty moments. Disappointed. I wish they had more love.

I feel like at least two episodes are missing. Ending was too rushed.


- 蒙天放与韓冬兒

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