January 02, 2011

Because of Ma Siu Ling, I'm Not Scared of the Dark Anymore

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I kept my promise and finished My Date With A Vampire 3 on the last day of last year. And now I'm sad. I started watching My Date With A Vampire in the summer of last year and at the end of summer I was almost finish with My Date With A Vampire 3, I only had around 10 episodes left. It is such an addicting, mind blowing, beyond interesting show. And if such a great show ended, I would be so sad. That feeling of "it's over, there's no more to watch" is unbearable especially if it's a really good show. Remember Autumn's Concerto? I delayed the ending for a good two or three weeks before I finally gave in and watched it. I was sooo sad after it was over. And that's why I decided to delay the ending of MDWAV until the end of the last year. Good shows should never end, imo.

Comforting Words to Self: Good shows may come to an end on tv but they will continue to live as long as we remember them. The concepts and ideas we learn and extract from the good shows are invaluable to us, perhaps that is how good shows want us to remember them.

Ma Siu Ling and Fok Tin Yau, never forget their story. If you haven't watched it, you are not a true drama addict. Okay, that's harsh, but do watch it, it's really good. If you've got guts, start watching at night. You will instantly fall for the main girl character, Ma Siu Ling. She's too cool and too handsome. She's a very straightforward, no bullshit talk, dare to love, dare to hate, strong and stubborn on the outside, emotional and lonely on the inside, type of girl. She wants to embrace love with open arms but she can't take the tears that come with it because of a family curse. If she cries for a man, she will lose her powers as she is the 41st generation ghost buster from the Ma Family.

I love the deepness of the storyline and characters of this trilogy. And I love all the music too, it's all different unlike TVB. This show beats every TVB show I've ever watched.

My Date With A Vampire 1-3 is a Classic.

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  1. I've just finished watching all three too. I LOVE Ma Siu ling's character. So strong and just so slick and cool!

    Which was your favourite out of the three? For me, it was definitely the first one.