May 31, 2010

Si Han and Xiu Jie Kai "Continuous Kiss"; Sorry to Good Friend Mark Chao!

Source: Nownews
Translation: Snow0512 @

Hailed as "Cheer Chen No. 2", talented composer Si Han (CSHA) filmed an MV for her new song recently, having a passionate romance in the plot with handsome guy Xiu Jie Kai, also giving up her first on-screen kiss and bed scene. When questioned on who was the best male lead in her heart between Xiu Jie Kai and Mark Chao, Si Han expressed, "They are both handsome guys, I love them both! If I have to choose, I would choose Xiu Jie Kai, because his acting and kissing abilities are really great, I can only say sorry to my good friend Mark Chao!"

Accommodating the needs of the plot, Si Han went under man-made rain for a whole night. Although the weather recently has an average temperature of 30 degrees, she almost contracted pneumonia, causing even the doctor to find it inconceivable. But the scenes of getting soaked in rain were not the hardest for her, instead the many kissing scenes with Xiu Jie Kai arranged by the director made Si Han who only had one prior relationship extremely nervous, till she bit her own lips. The crew on the other hand, looked on all the "fun", even jokingly saying that the song title should be changed from "Continuous Rain" (雨不停) to "Continuous Kiss" (吻不停).
The MV for "Continuous Rain" found Xiu Jie Kai from "Rice Family" for its male lead; in the MV, Si Han plays a girl who silently supports her boyfriend in achieving his musical dreams. As the director wanted to express the romance and beauty in the MV, he arranged many kissing scenes; although Si Han laughingly said this was good for her, arranging a handsome guy to comfort her once hurt heart in reality, but in one scene of flirting on the bed, the director wanted the female lead to take the initiative, causing Si Han to worry that Xiu Jie Kai would find it uncomfortable. Xiu Jie Kai also worried that she might feel uncomfortable at being violated*, but fortunately Xiu Jie Kai could lead the scene well, minimizing the intimate contact between both of them and avoiding much awkwardness.

Si Han expressed that recently she seems to have much fate with handsome guys; originally this song was to be used with "Black & White" in which Mark Chao would be invited to be its male lead, but later it was dismissed because the time frame for its production could not be met. Now having the chance to be the ending theme for "Rice Family", the male lead was changed to become Xiu Jie Kai. When questioned on who was the best male lead in her heart between Xiu Jie Kai and Mark Chao, Si Han expressed, "They are both handsome guys, I love them both! Although I don't have the chance to work with Mark Chao but he's my good friend." Finally under the pressure of the crew, Si Han interestingly said, "If I have to choose, I would choose Xiu Jie Kai, because his acting and kissing abilities are really great, I can only say sorry to my good friend Mark Chao!"

WOW! This is going to be awesomeee! Xiu Jie Kai is on a roll here~~~~ WOOO! Remember to follow him on Weibo~

S.H.E take on Taipei Arena; Selina's boyfriend: Wife, I love you

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Last night, when S.H.E emerged from a corolla 6 stories high and looked down at their 10,000 fans in Taipei Area, they truly established their position as the Mandarin music industry's "Heavenly Queen Group", and Selina's boyfriend shouting "Wife, I love you" was definitely the climax of the evening.

These three people have grown up, become sexy, but the affection and chemistry between them are proof that in their little universe, their harmonious relationship has not changed at all in the past 9 years.

Last night, among the guests was a special Mr. Zhang Cheng Zhong. He is Selina's boyfriend and during the second encore, he suddenly came up, holding a note that was moist from sweat and looking towards the stage he said, "I hope that S.H.E will not have to stop singing because of me," then following that he shouted, "Wife, I love you!" Selina was so shocked she started crying, then yelled, "Mom!", causing lots of cheering from the audience below.

This is already the 6th stop and the 7th concert of the "S.H.E Is The One" tour, it has been 4 years since S.H.E have performed at Taipei Arena, when they emerged, they displayed all their power as music queens and the fans became subjects looking up at the charm of their idols, "Superstar" was the anthem of their nation, establishing the atmosphere for the concert. They are a girl group that has been around 9 years yet S.H.E and their fans have such cohesion, Selina cried again during their 5th song.

Selina and Hebe secretly planned a celebration in advance for Ella's June 18 birthday, Ella originally tried not to cry when she realised how thoughtful her 'sisters' were, but when they sang "Wife", she couldnn't help but cry until even her nose went completely red. Following this, the three superstar mothers also had a surprise in store, first they played a pre-recorded VCR expressing how much they love their daughters, that they wanted their daughters to "come home when you're tired", then in a blink of an eye, they became "S.H.E. superstar mom version", singing "Not Yet Lovers", making S.H.E who were totally not expecting this, all end up crying. then their tears turned into laughter. The three girls cried very easily last night, there were many occasions when they had to ask their makeup artist Du Guo Zhang to come onstage to help them reapply their makeup in front of the audience.

The costumes were extravagant and surprises were numerous, but the focus was still on S.H.E's singing and dancing, the girls showed that they've become mature women now, showing their sexiness, revealing their shoulders and legs, twisting their hips. However, their conversations were very random and strange, when Selina finished the difficult dance, she cried, shouting, "Aiyo, now everyone can see that I'm wearing eyeliner." She also said to fans, "Even though I haven't showed you the tightest flesh, because I was skinnier in Hong Kong, I still gave you all a passionate heart."

Last night, Show Luo sent flowers, Taipei's mayor Hao Long Bin, Wang Wei Zhong, Kevin Tsai, Terri Kwan, Zhang Qiong Zi, Jiro Wang, Yoga Lin, Tank, Yan Zhi Lin and S.H.E's many family members also came to support them.

OMG! That's soo coool! Congrats Selena! I watched the clip where he came out from the audience and said all those sweet things to Selena~ it was like watching a drama~ life in drama, drama in life~ wooo~

May 29, 2010

Xiang Yang (向陽) by 思涵 Csha

*waves* Woo~ Rice Family themesong always pulls a smile from me~ It's soo happy and family-ish~ Hahahaha~ La la laaaa la la la laaaaaa~

Cup Noodle Game

Cup Noodle

Hahahaa~What a fun gameee!!! You are the store clerk and people go to your store to buy cup noodles and you have to give them hot water~ Your goal is give hot water to 100 people~

Right and Left Arrow = to move left and right
Up Arrow = pour water
Down Arrow = pick up a new pot of water

Have funnn~

May 28, 2010

Everyone's on Weibo

WOW~! Everyone's on Weibo (dubbed the chinese version of twitter)! Me too! Hahahaha! It's so fun because almost ALL the Asian celebrities I like are here! Even Rice Family has its own Weibo and they constantly update! Xiao S, Da S, Blackie, Qiao En, Ady, Xiu Jie Kai, Megan Lai, Mike He, Dicky Cheung, Ada Choi, Sammul Chan etc. They're all on Weibo~ Hurry and signnn uppp for an account and follow your favorite artists~

May 27, 2010

Rice Family Episode 13 Preview

WOW! Episode 13 looks very exciting as Yi Wu and Xin Ya's relationship goes up a notch! Wooo~ save himmm, Xin Yaa!!! I hope this preview gets you interested in watching this drama~

May 26, 2010

Same Station Different Bus

Guan Ba Ba: You and Yi Wu are like two people who got on the bus at the same station...

Guan Ba Ba: ...unfortunately, you guys didn't get on the same bus.

I like Guan Ba Ba's bus analogy!!! It has a taste of Autumn's Concerto~ miss you miss you~

May 25, 2010

Guitar With No String

Megan: Oh wow, your guitar has no strings~

Lego: *turns guitar around* it's on this side...


May 24, 2010

Waiting is a form of Happiness

Just finished watching the first episode of Mysteries of Love!!! It went by toooo fasttt! I loveeee itttt!!! I haven't seen Tavia and Raymond on screen for sooooo loooongggg! This drama has temporarily made me forget about not being able to go to the autograph session~

May 23, 2010


Oh fudge! I have Pre Test Stress Disorder! I have a final tomorrow and I'm studying but nothing is going into my head! It's not even like the info goes in one side and goes out the other, the info is not going in at all!!! WHAT TO DOOOO??!?!?!?! The final is almosttt herreeee!!! I'm runningg out of timeee! OMG!!! HELPPPP~~~~~~~~~~

May 22, 2010

Never Had Versus Once Had

Qiang Ni: Not having a girlfriend is better than getting cheated on and breaking up...

Xin Ya: When you have a bun in your hand, and you eat it, it goes to your stomach. Do you feel like you've lost a bun?

Xin Ya: Sometimes losing is another form of gaining. But "not having" is "not having"

New May 2010 Birthday List

May 2: Blackie Chen (TW)
May 3: Natalie Tong (HK)
May 4: Samuel Chan (HK)
May 4: Wayne Lai (HK)
May 5: Melissa Ng (HK)
May 5: Kingone Wang (TW)
May 6: Patrick Tang (HK)
May 9: Baron Chen (TW)
May 10: Denise Ho (HK)
May 16: Michael Zhang (TW)
May 17: Wang Leehom (TW)
May 22: Kent Cheng (HK)
May 28: Charmaine Sheh (HK)
May 30: Flora Chan (HK)

Happy Birthday to all May people!!!

May 21, 2010

My Current Drama Playlist

Rice Family

"Rice Family" is a very warm and friendly Taiwan sitcom and it's my first Taiwan sitcom. I recognize a lot of people in here! Kekeke! But the person that attracted me to this sitcom is Xiu Jie Kai! The first time I saw him was in "I'm Not So Handsome" and ever since then I've been keeping an eye on him. And sure enough, he did impressive job acting as Agent Xiao Ma in "Black and White"! This time, in Rice Family he has a completely different image!!! He has a mustache, he suddenly looks sooo mannn!

I like his pairing with Megan Lai! They are so funny especially right now where Megan thinks Ah Xiu likes her and tells him she can't accept his love. He just stands there and laughs about it because it's all a misunderstanding and he kinda plays along too! She gets all awkward when he's around~ HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Year of the Rain

"Year of the Rain" is the drama that is produced by Van Ness Wu and directed by Chen Hui Ling, the "Autumn's Concerto" director. Expect the same kind of darkness from "Autumn's Concerto". In "Autumn's Concerto", the instrument was the piano. In "Year of the Rain", the instrument is the saxophone. I think this can be dubbed as "Winter's Concerto".

Calling For Love

"Calling for Love" is a drama that's long overdue! It was suppose to come out a month earlier than "Autumn's Concerto" but due to conflicts in China, the airing date was postpone to now. The first episode aired this past Sunday and it's pretty good! The beginning was pretty funny with all the fans scrambling into taxis to chase their beloved idol!!! Fan fever!!! I think all AC fans understand their Bo Ye disease, it's just like our AC disease. It was so funny when the two fans started screaming for joy when they force Chen De Xing to admit that she got poisoned with Bo Ye disease. The other funny scene was when the other taxi driver parked his car, opened his door, and then a motorcycle crashed his door!!! Oh man, I have to make caps~ hahahahaaaa! OoooO, can't wait for episode 2 to come out!

O.L. Supreme

"O.L. Supreme" is a TVB modern day sitcom revolving around the lives of office workers. The first few episodes are little boring because they are setting up all the characters and stuff but it does get funnier and better after Mother Queen and Daughter Music make up. I think all the characters in this show has weird names. Like, the head secretary is called Queen, the male CEO is called Susan, the manager of Properties is called Summer, the ad manager is called Music, the guy secretary is called Leven (Eleven - E), etc.

Yea...the most interesting storyline so far goes to Sire Ma and Ron Ng. I believe this is Sire's first TVB series and she's pretty good, and her character's past is a total mystery. She has a knife scar on her back shoulder, I suspect she was either in a gang or she was in an abusive family where she has to learn to fight and defend herself. As for Ron, he gets a total makeover here as the extremely shy bus lover. He should really be a bus driver instead of an office worker. Innocent shy boy + seemingly innocent secretary with secret past = interesting

My favorite storyline is the one where the Big Boss comes and makes all the secretaries switch roles with their bosses for a week! So all the secretaries become managers and all the managers become secretaries! This is called learning to think in other people's shoes. All the managers realize how tough it is to be secretaries! Hahahahaaa~

Fly With Me

"Fly With Me" is a supernatural TVB drama about a middle age woman who slips through death's grip and comes back alive with an alternate ego with super powers. When I saw the trailers for this drama, I was really excited...but high expectations comes with high disappointments. The first episode was interesting and then the plot line kinda went flat until this week where Yvonne and Janet Bin (Yvonne's alter ego) go against each other! I want to know how they are going to end this. How are they going to get rid of Janet Bin without hurting Yvonne. I'm thinking that they have to shoot some more bullets at the butterfly mark, Janet Bin's weakness. But if they do that, Yvonne will die! Of course, there's always a possibility, that all this Janet Bin thing is just a dream. Yvonne got into a serious car accident before the Janet Bin thing started...maybe Yvonne is actually in coma and just dreaming about becoming Janet Bin...

May 20, 2010

雨不停 - 思涵 csha

I love this song!!! csha is the singer's name and she made the music and wrote the lyrics herself! By the way, this song was an insert song in Black n White and also the ending theme song of Rice Family! It sounds sooo goood! Here are the lyrics: (CSHA = Si Han)

雨不停 by 思涵 CSHA
Yu Bu Ting by Si Han
Continuous Rain by Si Han

Pinyin: =sx.k= @
Translation: Snow0512 @

*Please repost with full credits if taking out. Thank you.

Lyricist : CSHA, Xie You Hui
Composer : CHSA

窗外下著雨 敲打著冰冷空氣
chuang wai xia zhe yu qiao da zhe bing leng kong qi
It's raining outside the window; beating against the icy cold air
好像说着你我 早已全都沒有關係
hao xiang shuo zhe ni wo zao yi quan dou mei you guan xi
As if saying that between us, we no longer have any relationship
心冷頭暈手很冰 渴望被溫暖握緊
xin leng tou yun shou hen bing ke wang bei wen nuan wo jin
Cold heart, spinning head, icy hands; wish to be held tight by warmth
但我繼續假裝 假裝我不在意
dan wo ji xu jia zhuang jia zhuang wo bu zai yi
But I continue to pretend, pretend that I don't care

**誰說是錯的時間 錯的空間那不是絕對
shui shuo shi cuo de shi jian cuo de kong jian na bu shi jue dui
Who says it's the wrong time, wrong space; that is not absolute
我不想去管去猜 能不能愛了就不後悔
wo bu xiang qu guan qu cai neng bu neng ai le jiu bu hou hui
I don't wish to care, to guess if I won't regret after I love

我一直愛著過去 愛著你
wo yi zhi ai zhe guo qu ai zhe ni
I've been loving the past, loving you
而我的淚就好像 雨從不會停
er wo de lei jiu hao xiang yu cong bu hui ting
And my tears are like, the continuous rain that never stops
不想要再去壓抑 我的心
bu xiang yao zai qu ya yi wo de xin
No longer wish to suppress my heart
那些曾經 我選擇相信
na xie ceng jing wo xuan ze xiang xin
I choose to believe all that which is past

Repeat Above

我一直愛著過去 愛著你
wo yi zhi ai zhe guo qu ai zhe ni
I've been loving the past, loving you
而我的淚就好像 雨從不會停
er wo de lei jiu hao xiang yu cong bu hui ting
And my tears are like, the continuous rain that never stops
bu xiang zai qu ya yi
No longer wish to suppress
就算 回忆 继续 撕裂我的心
jiu suan hui yi ji xu si lie wo de xin
Even if memories continue to tear apart my heart
yong jin li qi ye wu fa chuan xi
Can't breathe even when I use all my strength
qing pen da yu yong yuan bu hui ting
A heavy downpour that will never stop

Xiu Jie Kai exhibits masculinity with beard; passionate kiss causes Megan Lai's lips to swell like a pig's lips

Source: nownews
Translation: Snow0512 @

Xiu Jie Kai gives his all for TTV's 8pm primetime drama ! To fit into his role of a drifter, he not only kept a mustache, making him look decadent, he was also requested by the producer not to smile. Recently, the plot called for him and Megan Lai to kiss continuously building their ambiguous relationship; Megan Lai smiled helplessly, saying: "Every time my kiss with him ends, my lower lip will be like after exfoliation, swollen like a pig's lips."

The plot of TTV's 8pm drama revolves around the ups and downs of the relationship between mother-in-law Fang Fang and daughter-in-law Lin Mei Xiu, attracting many fans of that category. Besides that, the ambiguous relationship between the three main characters Xiu Jie Kai, Megan Lai and Pink Yang continue to escalate, receiving the attention of the younger audience. Netizens have also started pairing wars due to this, each supporting their own pair.

Compared to Pink Yang's young girl-having-a-crush on Xiu Jie Kai story, Megan Lai and Xiu Jie Kai's rapidly developing ambiguous relationship is definitely more passionate! Xiu Jie Kai says laughingly: "In this drama, Ya Yan has to take the initiative to kiss me quite a few times, it's definitely more flattering!"

In the drama, due to his father's death in an accident, which also left his brother retarded, Xiu Jie Kai's character goes gallivanting to release his pent-up sorrow, and escape from his mother's tears until Megan Lai's appearance, which made him discover himself anew. Xiu Jie Kai says: "When we kiss, it's always when I'm very sad, so on the filming set, no one would make any jokes, in addition Ya Yan and I would be getting into the mood, so there would be no smiles and our faces would be very sour; those who didn't know might have thought I have a bad relationship with her!"

Xiu Jie Kaii~~~~he's gotten more MAN with his mustache! And Megan Lai~ haven't seen her since White Robes of Love. They make a good coupleee in Rice Family!!! Megan Lai's character, Xin Ya, is hilariousss, especially when she flirts with the brother. Hahahaa!

May 12, 2010


I am in the midst of preparing for a war...against...

May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!

May 08, 2010

Today's Weather

This is what happens when the weather man lies.

May 07, 2010

ASOS - 十分鐘的戀愛

...WHOAAAAAA!!! Guess who they areeee!!! Da S and Xiao S from '95!!! They've come a long way, one's a popular movie star, the other is a popular host!

May 06, 2010

Van Ness Wu, Evonne Hsu, JJ Lin, and Mike Relm on US Tour this month

Go to CpopAccess here for more information!

Van Ness is coming to NYC for concert and autograph session on May 23 and May 24!!!!

I have a math final on the 24!!!!
=( =( =( =( =(

Rainie Yang & Wu Zun to collaborate in new idol drama; ‘Princess of Cute’ exclaims that he’s prettier than her!

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

‘Princess of Cute’ Rainie Yang is scared of Wu Zun’s good lucks! The two will collaborate in new idol drama ‘陽光小妹’ (lit trans: Sunshine Girl’) in May. Upon knowing that her new co-star would be Wu Zun, Rainie admitted that she had been looking forward to working with him for a long time, but her first reaction was: “I’m dead! He’s even prettier than me! Will other people think he’s the female lead?” The 2 have not formally met yet, and already Rainie is worried that her own beauty is not up to par with his.

Amazed by Wu Zun’s good looks

Last year, Rainie missed the chance to collaborate with Wu Zun in ‘ToGetHer’ But this year, the chance has come again! The 2 are not very familiar with each other as this will be their first collaboration together. However, back when Wu Zun filmed ‘Tokyo Juliet’ with Ariel Lin, Rainie once went to visit her good friend, so she also got to meet Wu Zun, who wasn’t as popular back then. Her first impression of Wu Zun was: “This person is too pretty ah!” Even till now, Wu Zun’s good looks have left a deep impression on her. Rainie revealed that the person she would most like to collaborate with is film king Tony Leung, however she feels that this seems impossible.

Very full work schedule

Besides dramas, Rainie has also accepted 6 endorsements in only 4 months, and within the year, she also has to film advertisements that she had accepted last year. Her work schedule is very full. Yesterday, Rainie attended a promotion event for her new beauty beverage endorsement, and revealed that she once had severe constipation problems, and couldn’t go toilet for 10 days. She expressed that it’s very embarrassing to tell this story but after she drank the beauty beverage, the constipation problem immediately disappeared and even her skin became more smooth.

WOW! I haven't seen Chun in a drama since Hot Shot~

May 03, 2010

The Mysteries of Love New Clip

Credit: havienrlzoo

WOW! I can't wait tooo watchh thisss! The mystery and magic of mirrors! It's coming on May 24! Three more weeks! Yippeee!

Raymond Lam - 我們很好 We're Fine

Lyrics Translation: Fox and Lee @

我還是記得 我們遇見的那一秒
wǒ hái shì jì de wǒ men yù jiàn de nă yi miăo
I still remember the second when we met
那一種噗通的心跳 真的呢
nă yi zhong pū tōng de xin tiào zhen de ne
That kind of thumping heartbeat was real

願望越來越多 而世界好像越來越吵
yuàn wàng yuè lái yuè duo ér shì jiè hăo xiàng yuè lái yuè chăo
(I) hope for more but the world seems to become noisier

直到我們往前跑呀跑 幸福不見了
zhí dào wǒ men wǎng qián păo ya păo xìng fú bù jiàn liăo
Until we run forward, happiness is gone

我真的錯了 我不應該讓你走了
wǒ zhen de cuò le wǒ bù yīng gāi ràng nĭ zǒu le
I really have made a mistake, I shouldn't have let you go

我們本來可以很好 怎麼了
wǒ men bĕn lái kĕ yĭ hĕn hăo zĕn me le
We could've been very good, what happened?

如果時間重來 讓我再用心跟你擁抱
rú guǒ shí jiàn chóng lái ràng wǒ zài yòng xin gen nĭ yǒng bào
If time can be repeated, let me embrace you wholeheartedly

我說願意 我真的可以 甚麼都不要
wǒ shuo yuàn yì wǒ zhen de kĕ yĭ shén me dou bù yào
I will, I really can let go of everything

*你躲在哪裡 我找不到你
nĭ duǒ zài nǎ lĭ wǒ zhăo bù dào nĭ
Where did you hide, I cannot find you

愛需要真心 需要勇氣
ài xu yào zhen xin xu yào yǒng qì
Love requires sincereity, requires courage

天就要下雨 我快要哭泣
tian jiù yào xià yŭ wǒ kuài yào ku qì
The sky will rain soon, I will cry soon

你還不相信 我是愛你
nĭ hái bù xiāng xìn wǒ shì ài nĭ
You still don't believe I love you

我記得那天 你一直看著我來了
wǒ jì de nă tian nĭ yi zhí kàn zháo wǒ lái le
I remember that day, you kept watching me arrive

我們本來可以很好 很快樂
wǒ men bĕn lái kĕ yĭ hĕn hăo hĕn kuài lè
We could've been very good, very happy

思念越來越多 而我的說話越來越少
si niàn yuè lái yuè duo ér wǒ de shuo huà yuè lái yuè shăo
(My) longing for (you) is increasing, but my words are decreasing

我還以為心裡的感覺 你一定知道
wǒ hái yĭ wèi xin lĭ de găn jué nĭ yi dìng zhi dào
I thought you knew of the feelings in my heart

Repeat *

你躲在哪裡 我找不到你
nĭ duǒ zài nǎ lĭ wǒ zhăo bù dào nĭ
Where did you hide, I cannot find you

愛碎成回憶 我對不起
ài suì chéng huí yì wǒ duì bù qĭ
(Our) love became shattered memories, I'm sorry

天就要下雨 我快要哭泣
tian jiù yào xià yŭ wǒ kuài yào ku qì
The sky will rain soon, I will cry soon

我問我自己 愛不愛你 愛你
wǒ wèn wǒ zì jĭ ài bù ài nĭ .....ài nĭ
I ask myself whether (I) love you..... love you

Canto Version

Omg~ they both sound equally goood!!!

May 02, 2010

Fistful Of Stances Review

This drama is the best drama that TVB has released so far this year! I stayed up two nights to chase it! The storyline is well thought, well planned, and well acted. But I never planned to watch this until last Friday, the day that TVB replaced dramas with the Shanghai Expo and left me with nothing to watch. So to fill in my empty drama slots, I decided to give this show a chance since I heard positive reviews and saw skyrocketing ratings.

When this drama first came out, I looked at it and decided to give it a pass because I don't like watching dramas from that time period, the transition period between ancient times and modern times. That time period is just unattractive to me. Good thing I decided to pick this one up again otherwise I would have missed one of the best dramas from TVB. Don't judge by cover.

The story mainly revolves around the Koo family and an unsolved family murder case. Long story made short: Koo Gramps and wife killed by evil disciple Tak, Koo Dad and Koo Mom tests Tak and finds out he is the killer. Koo Dad goes after Tak with another disciple and both Koo Dad and disciple mysteriously disappear. Koo Son #1 and #2 get kidnapped, son #2 gets saved. Years later, Tak is at the top of society while Koo family is still alive and hanging in there. Then many things happen. Watch it to find out! Guarantee you won't be disappointed!

The acting in this show is pretty decent! Dominic aces his villainous role, as the evil disciple Wing Tak! Hong Yee (from Moonlight Resonance) has met her match! They both fall under the clear headed and clever type of villains. I kind of feel bad for Tak in the beginning because everything was going the wrong way for him. Got a position in the imperial court but then empire collapses, gets bullied by many people, constantly living in the memories of the past. It would have taken a lot of swallowing of pride to stay a "good" person however, Tak is a very prideful man.

Kenneth Ma. I like watching him. His character likes to turn many corners but when he drives a point home, it's always bulls eye! Always! He is like a psychiatrist, always able to read others and make witty plans that go along with people's behavior. He's also a very strong kung fu master but is limited by his random and rather severe asthma attacks.

Ram Tseung. My favorite character~ He is a master of the "Iron Sand Fist", a very powerful fist that can cause internal bleeding. It would be devastating if such a skill were to fall into the hands of an evil master. Good thing Ram took Kenneth's brother as his disciple and not Tak's son. But although Ram is the almighty master, he is a servant to his wife. Hehehe, cute! It was sad when he passed away due to heart problems.

Sorry...I'm going to cut this short cuz I'm tired of writing any further. The relationships in this show...well, go see for yourself and judge. It's definitely worth a watch.