February 28, 2010

Post Surgery Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I went to the dentist yesterday and had one of my wisdom tooth extracted. That was a big mistake. The process of taking the tooth out was painless and pretty fast. However, things started to go downhill after the penicillin started to wear off. It was an awful feeling; biting down hurts, opening mouth hurts, swallowing hurts....*sigh* I think the worst pain in this world comes from the tooth: toothache, post-surgery extractions...My face is now swollen...and it'll take at least a week to heal...owwwww

And regarding the last episode of Autumn's Concerto...I'm going to delay the ending for myself. I'm going to wait until after I take my first math test to watch it~ going to study 200% for this test (influenced by Guang Xi)~

February 26, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 21 Photos

*faints* 6 years later, things haven't changed.

*smile from ear to ear* 6 years ago, a hug full of tears; 6 years later, a hug full of happiness.

*happy happy* 6 years ago and 6 years later, hands are still together.

Next Stop is Happiness.

A Preview That Will Cause You to "Drop Dead" According to Anonymous =D

Thanks xingandxx and Anonymous and Star18 and KL!

You guys made me experienced that most heartwarming morning ever! Hahahaha~!

Mu Cheng: 6 years ago...I truly love you

Mu Cheng: This is what I had hidden from you for 6 years...an unspoken promise

Mu Cheng: If I told you, I love you, can you, for this reason, stay?

Guang Xi: I will leave...if you ever let go of my hand again

OMG! Mu Cheng, you finally man up! Go Mu Cheng!!! Hahahaa! Look at Guang Xi's smug look when Mu Cheng puts on his ring!!! WAAHHHHH!!! OMGOSHHHH~ this is too much for me to handleeeee!!! *faintssss AGAIN*

February 25, 2010

Unleash the Highest Point of AC Poision

You may now faint.

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 15

Wow! Another behind the scene this week! Thank you!

Hahahaaaa! Funny * 100! Gotta watch Ady mimic a drunk Guang Xi! Hahaha! She also kept scolding Van Ness because he doesn't look handsome enough when drunk and Van Ness rebutts, "Who looks handsome when drunk!" Another scene to watch for is when Guang Xi drops drunk on the floor, Xiao Le yells, "MA MA" instead of "Ba Ba" causing Ady to say, "He only has me in his heart~" HAHAHAHAA! Like mother, like son, these two aced their scenes! One time OK! Great memorization skills! TEMPO TEMPO!

February 23, 2010

"Music is what feelings sound like"

The song is "手放開" by Sam Lee. Guess which character in Autumn's Concerto fits this song.

Hint: This song strongly depicts this character's feelings in episode 20.

This song is "沒有如果" by Fish Leong (Jasmine Leong). Guess which character in Autumn's Concerto fits this song.

Hint: 有人說 世界上最遙遠的距離不是生與死 而是我就站在你面前 你卻不知道我愛你/ Someone once said that the farthest distance in this world is not life and death, it's me standing in front of you yet you don't know that I love you.

This song is "
痴心絕對", another hit song of Sam Lee. Guess which character in Autumn's Concerto fits this song.

Hint: This is a giveaway...look at the title of the song.

Ok, enough guessing games. This next song is from everyone to Guang Xi.
你深爱她 这是每个人都知道啊 你那么爱她为什么不把她留下/You love her deeply, everyone knows that, you love so much, why don't you make her stay [with you]?

A world without music is a soul-less world.

February 22, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 14

I thought I saw this last week! Oh wells, no harm in watching it again! Hehehee! You can imagine how cold it is while they were filming this part...Van Ness is wearing like 4 layers...and everyone gave Ady their scarves!

HAHAHAHAA@Ady's "退下"!!! She gets to leave early while the two male leads stay behind and sufferrrr! Hahahaa! I have to applaud the director and the crew and the cast for their ever so happy mood on the set! Perhaps the reason why Autumn's Concerto is so warm is because it absorbed the warm atmosphere of the crew! 下一站幸福,萬歲萬歲萬萬歲!

A Blessing in Disguise

Waiting is a blessing in disguise.

I no longer feel that waiting for Autumn's Concerto is tormenting.

I'm happy that I'm able to wait for the next episode of this drama.

I'm happy that I'm watching this drama now rather than a few years later.

Autumn's Concerto The Final Preview

梁慕橙: 任何決定要的就不要放手包括在乎的人

如果我告訴你我愛你, 你可不可以為了這個理由留下來

任曉樂: 台視二月二八號晚上十點幸福最終點

Liang Mu Cheng: If there is anything that you want, then don't give up including those that you care about. If I told you I love you, could you for this reason stay?

Ren Xiao Le: Tai Shi February 28 evening 10 o'clock Happiness The Last Stop...

For this last preview, if you notice, it is Xiao Le who's announcing the date and time of the next episode, previously it always Mu Cheng.

Do you see Mu Cheng's pleading eyes? I feel it.
Can you feel her wish for him to stay? I see it.
Ady's acting! 10000 points!

Introducing Autumn's Concerto

English Name: Autumn's Concerto

Also known as: Next Stop, Happiness

Chinese Name: 下一站幸福

Favorite Color: All colors
I couldn't really decide on this one. What color is
幸福? Red? Pink? Blue? Green? Who knows.

Favorite Dish: Beef over Rice
This is definitely the dish to describe Autumn's Concerto! You see in almost every episode! Yummy! Mu Cheng should consider opening up a store specializing in making this dish! I would swim to Taiwan if I have to! Hahahahaa! (But don't put too much carrots!)

Favorite Flower: Daisy
Still remember the flower meaning of Daisy? Silently protecting another. Hua Zhi Xin to Tuo Ye. Tuo Ye to Mu Cheng and then to Zhi Xin. Mu Cheng to Guang Xi. Guang Xi to Mu Cheng. Xiao Le to Tang Tang. I, Celsius, to you, Autumn's Concerto. Us, Viewers, to you, Autumn's Concerto, righttt???? Of Course.

Favorite Quote: Miss you! Miss you!
Probably the most famous and easy to remember quote from this drama. Although, it's Xiao Le who screams this out, it is really Mu Cheng thinking of Guang Xi. Mu Cheng to Guang Xi through Xiao Le: 迷修! 迷修!

Favorite Cartoon: Spongebob
Who could forget Xiao Le and his adorable Spongebob bag?!?!?! His room also has a Spongebob cuddly toy! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Square Pants! Wooo!

Favorite Music: Air on G String
This is self explanatory. This music bought them together. Still remember the story Mu Cheng told Guang Xi on the ice rink? It was the story of this music, and this music is the story of her life. Despite all the sour lemons life throws at her, she continues to make the sweetest lemonade ice tea.

Favorite Singer: Ding Dang
A good majority of the songs are sung by Ding Dang! She has a very powerful voice (I shall prove that in the future, just wait and listen) Did you know that her MV for "Why Did You Lie" was filmed in NYC??? There's a scene where she's on the Brooklyn Bridge. I pass by that bridge every time I go to school (5X a week). That's another link to Autumn's Concerto~!

Favorite Place: Hua Tian Village
If I ever land in Taiwan, this is the one place I'm definitely going to set my foot on! The mountainous views, Mu Cheng's home, the flower fields, random people with 花 as their surname!

Favorite Activities: Ice skating, rollerblading, riding the bus
I remember seeing Mu Cheng and Guang Xi exchanging electric sparks while ice skating. Think Anson and Da Jie from Fated to Love You (their insane electric stares)! HAHAHAHAA! Rollerblading, a memory from Guang Xi's dad to Guang Xi, a skill passed onto Xiao Le from Guang Xi. Bus rides, a motif, a special thing that evokes many AC memories. I'm on the Autumn's Concerto Bus, riding towards the 21st stop.

A number that represents Happiness

So episode 20 was a false alarm, it's not the ending of Autumn's Concerto. This week is the real last week of waiting. The last episode is episode 21.

21 is a great number and it also represents the happiness at this last stop! Why?

Because 21=2+1=3. Still don't see it?

21 = (Mu Cheng + Guang Xi) + Xiao Le = Happy Family of 3


February 21, 2010

Oops, They Did It Again

Oh my goodness! Not this again! That's three times already!

Episode 18 Preview: Mysterious text message
Episode 20 Preview: Mysterious document in envelope
Episode 21 Preview: Mysterious phone call

They must really want my brain to explode! Gosh! Every time they do that, I can't help but play detective.

Could that phone call be connected to Xiao Le's "disappearance"?
Whose the caller? Is it Lawyer Xiao Lin or Grandma Fang?
Did Xiao Le really get kidnapped or is this all a plan?

Do you see it? It says Final Preview. =(

Do you see the words next to that? It says, "你就是我的命運" or "You are my destiny".


Mu Cheng X Guang Xi scenes are going to blast the roof off next week!!!

For Autumn's Concerto











February 20, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene Special

Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Mostly old stuff but there are some interesting new stuff added.
  • Ady taking a nap with Van Ness
  • Van Ness gives Ady a fake kiss to quiet her... hahahaha
  • Xiao Le and his NGs!!!!!

February 19, 2010

Van Ness Madness

Credit:The New Paper


WHEN hit Taiwanese idol drama series Meteor Garden became a worldwide sensation nine years ago, American-born Chinese actor-singer Van Ness Wu was considered boy band F4's least popular and swoon-worthy member.

F4 - now known as JVKV and also comprising Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Ken Chu - starred as a rich-boy quartet in Meteor Garden.

Van Ness was criticised for his sub-par acting skills and poor Mandarin diction in the drama.

His character had the least screen time among the foursome, and the only one who didn't have a love interest.

Now fast forward to the present, and the 32-year-old is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Van Ness's latest Taiwanese drama Autumn's Concerto, which debuted last October in Taiwan, has garnered top ratings (8.2 per cent), beating previous front-runner The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog.

It premiered in Singapore on E City (StarHub Ch 56) in January, and resumes telecast on 6 Mar at 7pm after a short hiatus.

The series revolves around an arrogant law student (Van Ness) who loses his memory and then falls in love with an orphaned canteen stall owner (Ady An).

Autumn's Concerto has also won the ratings battle against the rest of F4 by achieving almost twice the viewership of Jerry's Hot Shot (4.2 per cent), Vic's Black & White (4.8 per cent) and Ken's Momo Love (3.4 per cent).

Solo projects-wise, Van Ness is also the only F4 member to have filmed eight movies, released six hit solo albums and own a jewellery line (3.V.0.7) - far surpassing his fellow members' achievements.

He also co-owns entertainment company Smash & Grab productions, lifestyle apparel line Triumvir and luxury nightclub Primo.

Apart from collaborating with international music superstars such as Beyonce Knowles for the 2004 hit single Crazy In Love, he was also the opening act for rapper/producer Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour in Shanghai two years ago.

So how did he do it?

First, there was the physical transformation.

For Autumn's Concerto, Van Ness had to work hard to get rid of his American accent and replace his baggy 'street' clothes with well-fitted collared shirts.

Circle lenses were also used to enlarge his pupils so he would have the doe-eyed look that attractive Japanese manga characters are often associated with.

While he had long rebonded hair previously, he now sports a manly crew cut.

His biggest obstacle, however, were the scripts.

But Van Ness won the language battle by transcribing all the Mandarin words into romanised characters so that he could properly memorise them.

Intimacy issues

Then there were the 'girl problems'.

During the filming of Autumn's Concerto, Ady had been reluctant to film the kissing scenes with him.

According to previous Chinese media reports, Ady - who has been an actress since 2002 - reportedly had some bad experiences with men in the past which caused her to develop a phobia of filming intimate scenes.

Van Ness told the Taiwanese media that he was extremely concerned and constantly questioned whether the problem lay with him.

Van Ness, who is a staunch Christian, said he prayed to overcome the problem.

Ady also had some alcohol just before their kissing scene. The final take was a successful one.

On the film set, in front of the media, Ady apologised to Van Ness.

Said Ady: 'I had the courage to film the scene only after I was slightly drunk but Van Ness had already quit drinking because of his religion.'

She then turned to Van Ness and asked: 'Did I smell of alcohol?'

Van Ness could only offer a smile.

Ady added that she was moved to tears when Van Ness had one day pulled her into a room and prayed for her because he had noticed that she was in a bad mood.


Since then, Van Ness and Ady have successfully filmed many other intimate scenes in the drama, including kissing scenes set in an ice-skating rink and in a garden.

But after Ady got over her fear, it was Van Ness who kept fumbling during the love scenes.

The production team then set in place a fine, where Van Ness had to pay NT100 ($4) whenever he had an NG ('no good' take).

Van Ness, who revealed he lost his virginity at 17 and has had six girlfriends since, including Taiwanese sex kitten Vivian Hsu, has since taken a vow of celibacy.

The actor said he is now focused on marriage and children.

'Maybe I was naive, and drank a little as well. The person (whom I lost my virginity to) was just a friend, but not someone I loved.

'I regret it. Even when I get married, I will still regret it. This is not something good. Kids should never do this,' he said.

He revealed that he was tempted to break his vow soon after he had signed a celibacy card in 2008. But he has learnt to curb his desires with prayer.

Despite his new perspective on life, Van Ness has not been free from scandal.

His personal assistant is currently being investigated for a drug offence, and those around him - including Van Ness - are now also suspected of taking drugs.

But the star has said he's willing to take a drug test to clear his name.

Now that's a new rock star attitude - by saying no to sex, drugs and alcohol.

Oh yea~ Autumn's Concerto over all other dramas! I believe in you, V!

February 18, 2010

Wong Cho Lam's new series criticized being a bad influence on children

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wong Cho Lam's new series that was broadcast on the second day of CNY has been criticized being a bad influence on children. The story is about Cho Lam taking drugs to change into handsome guy Bosco Wong, but after the series broadcast, yesterday the Broadcast Authority received 1 audience complaint that the series is discriminating people appearances which is bad influence for children. Also, new drama also received 1 complaint saying that the models in the series were changing in the car and should not be shown on TV. which got 200,000 viewers and 19 points TV ratings received 1 complaint of immorality.

WHAT! He took drugs?!?!?! Wasn't it just some magical chocolate candy??? ....

A 10-year long romance, Blackie's marriage proposal is a success

Source: Liberty Times, CTS
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

The romantic relationship between artists Chen Jian Zhou (Blackie) and Christine Fan (Fan Fan) has been going on for 10 years and yesterday, Blackie finally found the courage, in front of a crowd of strangers at an NBA match, to ask girlfriend Fan Fan to marry him. The place was filled with thunderous applause and when Fan Fan saw Blackie kneel down to give her the Tiffany & Co. diamond ring, she was touched to tears, accepting the marriage proposal.

Recently, there were rumours that Blackie had taken Fan Fan to America to celebrate the Chinese New Year and that they would have a "private wedding" there. No-one expected that Blackie wasn't going to have a secret wedding after all, but he had gone to America for a secret marriage proposal! Yesterday, the couple went to New Jersey to support their good friend NBA basketball player Yi Jianlian. It was obvious that Blackie was very nervous, he kept rambling on about all sorts of things with Fan Fan, not getting to the main point. When he realised that the half-time break of the basketball match was almost over, he knew he couldn't put it off any longer! Fan Fan didn't expect Blackie to suddenly ask her how long they have been dating for. A bit lost, she replied, 10 years and then Blackie took out the ring and knelt down to propose to her. This caused spectators to applaud loudly and shout continuously "Say yes!" and then Fan Fan, surprised but happy, covered her mouth, nodded and exclaimed emotionally, "Okay, okay, okay!" This black and white pair will finally be getting married.

Blackie also left a message on his Facebook page saying he was super nervous. These few years, he had always wanted to ask her for her hand in marriage but he just hadn't found the right time and place. Finally, he chose to propose to his beloved who he's dated for 10 years, at his most loved basketball court. "From today, my only and only is my fiancée Fan Fan! 2010.2.17 Let God record this date for us! Thank you God!" Within a day of posting the news online, the couple received the blessings of over 5000 people. As to when the wedding will be, Blackie said that this will all be left up to Fan Fan, immediately showing the image of a gentleman who loves his wife.

WOWOWOW!!! Congratssss to them!!! 10 years and beyond! 他們的下一站是幸福. Their next stop is happiness! Hahaha~ the guy in the jersey in the back JUMPED from his seat when he Blackie take out the ring! HAHAHAAAAA!

When Jing goes on a date, she just wants to make out!

original source: Mint.com and UDN
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net and @ http://jingcastle.forumotion.net

As Jing came a little early to attend the MY Astro Awards, Mint got the chance to interview her. On the eve before Valentine’s Day, we got the chance to let fans get to know handsome Jing a bit more. Actually, when she goes out on a date, she just keeps on making out? Absolutely, there is something more Jing has that makes people “cold till no end”. My goodness, how does she love to tell cold jokes so much? During the entire interview, the laughter was unending. Perhaps we were too happy? We can’t wait for Jing to come again!

Use a phrase to describe yourself.
Jing: ‘“Ready to go beyond’ Zhang Yun Jing, I think I’m always waiting to re-present myself at any given time, another side to myself.”

What you most love to do in private
Jing: “Cut my nails. I don’t like to keep long fingernails. I always feel that long fingernails aren’t very convenient, besides picking your nose! Haha…I mean that you need long nails to pick your nostrils. Haha.”

Most important thing for your “significant other” to have
Jing: “You need a kind heart, not one who hurts others.”

The one thing you HAVE to do during a date
Jing: “With friends or lover? (Interviewer: Lover.) Then you most definitely have to make out! (Entire room bursts into laughter.) When you’re with your lover, you must must make out, otherwise what’s the date for?”

Most important carry-on item
Jing: “Mp3 player, that’s a definite. Otherwise if I can’t listen to music, I would feel…didn’t Confucius say ‘If you are not diligent in your studies, you will remain ignorant, and nobody will be attracted to you’; I think it’s ‘If you don’t listen to your music, you will remain ignorant and nobody will be attracted to you.”’

If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?
Jing: “I want to sell fried chicken patties because I really like to eat, keep on eating!”

Your favorite food (Interviewer: Besides fried chicken…)
Jing: “Italian noodles. Actually I have a lot of favorite foods – spaghetti, fishball soup, minced meat rice…”

Then what do you not like to eat?
Jing: “Eh? I can’t really think of anything. I don’t like spicy things like Malaysian food is a bit more spicy. (Her manager kept on saying: “You even think Bak kut teh is spicy?”) But Bak kut teh is really spicy!”

Then what other Malaysian food do you want to try?
Jing: “Bak kut teh. I keep on saying – ‘Bring me to eat Bak kut teh!’”

The song you’ve recently liked.
Jing: “Eason Chan’s [Exaggerated]. Actually since this is a Cantonese song, I don’t really understand it. But I feel that the lyrics are about something really cool. I prefer lyrics that tell a unique story. (Interviewer: So you don’t understand this song?) Not entirely, but I know what he’s singing. I like things that intertwine the truth about society and people’s hearts. Oh my goodness, I’m old. My personality is too much like that of old people.”

The person you want to work with the most!
Jing: “Actually I’ve always hoped to work with someone of great contrast. For example, Small Peach Jie Jie. (Interviewer: Why?) Because if I sing with her, it would be super cool! A rock song for children and then all the kids go ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!”’

The most frequent praise/criticism
Jing: “Criticisms? Then it would be ‘Not male, not female’. (Manager: “Don’t a lot of people ask if you lipsync? How come your live singing is the same as the CD?”) haha, don’t mention that kind of stuff. Haha, okay that can also be counted as a compliment.”

What are you most afraid of?
Jing: “Haha, there’s something more peculiar. When I first came to Malaysia’s hotel and then I laid down on the bed. Suddenly I saw something similar to a mirror. But in reality, it was actually the thing Muslims pray towards. In Taiwan, there’s nothing like this so I was a bit frightened. They scared me in saying that something would come out from the thing, haha. I’m really scared to live alone in a hotel.”

The place where you most want to travel to?
Jing interpreted this (from similar pronunciation): Where do you want to get rid of your oil the most?

Jing: “The forehead and nose bridge. (Interviewer: That’s really cold!) Well, I like to go to the top of the mountains. You can breathe fresh air and see the forests. But then, I would want to ride a car up there because I don’t want to walk and I’m too lazy. But I really like to look into the distance on top of the mountain.”

Favorite clothing brand
Jing: “I’m actually okay with that because all my clothes are from street vendors!”

Favorite dress style
Jing: “Just relaxed. I definitely will wear a t-shirt, jeans. Then maybe a jacket and a cap, just really simple. But not all of them have to be big-sized since I’m not a rapper. I should say I like the British Rocker style.”

Hahahaa! Must have been a hilarious interview session!

February 17, 2010

Happiness Extended Another Week

OMG! WOO!!! We get one more week of waiting after this Sunday passes! Why?

According to someone at Baidu, this week's (2/21) episode will be 2 hours long!

And then the real ending will be aired on the week after (2/28) and it'll be 30 minutes!!!

This is the best news I've heard all week!!!

Now if only this could happen again...

Happiness extended another week~


February 16, 2010

An Attempt To Analyze the Last Previews

My Prediction of the sequence of this last stop...

1) Grandma Fang will visit Mu Cheng and Xiao Le and give Mu Cheng encouragement and acknowledgment.

2) Tuo Ye reveals to Guang Xi the reason why Mu Cheng left him 6 years ago. This either takes place during a break or before the court case begins.

3) Anyhows, everyone is at court listening to the trial, doesn't this remind you of 6 years ago, that mock trial at the university...except this time, the victim is Tuo Ye and Hua Zhi Xin.

4) Tuo Ye gives Zhi Xin a button...perhaps the second button from his suit? Or maybe this button is from the past? I remember a letter that Zhi Xin wrote to Tuo Ye back when they were in school asking him why he gave his button to another girl. Maybe Tuo Ye never gave his button away, just that Zhi Xin saw wrong...

6) Obviously, Guang Xi won the case because we see Tuo Ye at Mu Cheng's house. Tuo Ye asks Mu Cheng if she ever told Guang Xi how much she actually cares for him. Oh Tuo Ye~ you're such a good buddy!!!!

5) Auntie Hua and Mu Cheng are busy cooking...
I guess they are celebrating Tuo Ye's release and also waiting for Guang Xi and Gary to join them but instead of both, only Gary shows up.

6) Gary gives Mu Cheng the yellow envelope, which I heavily suspect is divorce papers.

7) Guang Xi cries and President Fang embraces her son. He's crying...because he's...
mad at himself for not believing her?
mad at himself for even thinking about plotting revenge against her?
mad at himself for threatening to take Xiao Le from her?
mad at himself for forgetting her for 6 years?
sad because he let go of her?

sad because he doesn't know how to face her anymore...

February 15, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Last Set of Pictures

This picture is soooo cuteeee! And by the way, that horsie on the bottom left is from FTLY~ I recognize it! It must have been a gift from Chen Xin Yi! hehehee

Source: baidu thread, SETTV

Autumn's Concerto Latest New Preview

Everything is so simple in a kid's world...

Tuo Ye: From beginning to the end, she only loved one man, and that one man is you.

Mu Cheng: Right now, I really don't know how I should get close to him...

Xiao Le: Isn't this way close?

Grandma Fang: You need to be Cupid and make sure her don't give up.

Guang Xi...doesn't know how to face Mu Cheng...

Mu Cheng: What should I make for Guang Xi and Gary tomorrow?

Xiao Le: Beef over rice! And then Guang Xi will be happy, and then you guys will have Xiao Le! Big Bro, save meee!

Tuo Ye: Have you ever told him how much you care about him? When you were scared, it was Ren Guang Xi who gave you courage. But now, it's him whose afraid, isn't it your turn to give him courage?


Autumn's Concerto The Last Preview

...I feel like stabbing this preview.

Why do they always do this to us?!?!?!?!

Why do they always cut us off from seeing the "message"?!?!?!

First, it was that text message from episode 18 that got us guessing...

Now, it's some paper in a yellow envelope...TELL ME! WHAT PAPER IS THAT??!?!?!

I worry that it might be divorce papers...because that's what Guang Xi gave Mu Cheng in the novel. A lot of the stuff in the drama did not happen in the book but a lot of stuff in the book happened in the drama.

...Or are they going to pull off a FTLY? NOOOOO~

That would be weird and out of place...HAHAHAHAA...imagine Tuo Ye, Zhi Xin, President Fang, Lawyer Lin in carrot costumes luring Mu Cheng into a church! HAHAHAHAAAA! Funny, but no don't do that.

February 14, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Comic 2

A New Year comic I found at TTV! All rights goes to TTV and the appropriate users who made them.

Credit: TTV
Creator: 昱綺~
Translated: Celsius
晞:不是啦(心想 你是在..)

Xi: Do you know what day it is?
Cheng: Don't know...is it your birthday?
Xi: No..(thinking...you are..)
晞:欸ˋ 女人真的是..

Xi: Do you know what day it is?
Qian: I...don't know
Xi: Aigh, girls...
晞:ㄟ 你知道今天是甚麼日子嗎?
阿財:知道ㄚ 是打人的日子

Xi: Hey, you know what day it is?
Cai: Yea! Beat people up day!
Xi: Should be "Get beat up day" for you!
晞:老師 你知道今天是甚麼日子嗎?
小林:知道ㄚ 是新年 是吧
晞:you are smart!

Xi: Teacher, do you know what day it is?
Lin: Yea, it's New Year right
Xi: You are smart!


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!! It's the Year of the Tigerrrr!!!! ROARRRRRRR!!! I wish everyone good health and good prosperity! May happiness accompany you everyday and may all your wishes come true! And most importantly, 祝大家下一站幸福!

February 12, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Comic 1

A funny comic I found at TTV! All rights goes to TTV and the appropriate users who made them.

Credit: TTV
Creator: Huai Ying
Translated: Celsius


Xiao Le: Dad, do you love Mu Cheng?
Guang Xi: Before I did because her skin was like yours, white and smooth, but now...


Xiao Le: Mu Cheng, you need to do a facial beautification, your skin caused Dad to not
love you anymore...
Mu Cheng: What? Really? What am I going to


Mu Cheng: (Is my skin really that bad?) Guang Xi, do you still love me?
Guang Xi: How do I say...


Guang Xi: Go to the beauty salon first and
fix up your skin and then we can talk
Mu Cheng: (wants to cryyy)

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 13

HAHAHAHAAA! Van Ness and his dancing for her hand move!

In the beginning, Ady leaned over Van Ness to look at what he wrote to her but it looked more like she leaned over to give him a kiss! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! He wrote, "This is my first time working so happily with a guy". If you notice, he wrote this as Ady's bubble thought but Ady misunderstood him. She thought he was calling her a guy~ HAHAHAHAAAA! And 任律輸! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Nice!

**Thanks Meh for the heads up, otherwise, I would have missed this great BTS!

The Weekly Routine of An Autumn's Concerto Addict

Sunday: Watch the latest Autumn's Concerto. Sit still for at least 5 minutes to think about what we just watched. Quickly go on baidu to check the ratings and share with others. Rewatch the preview for the next episode, then go to sleep to dream about the next episode.

Monday: Find and watch the newly released Behind the Scenes. Rewatch preview and analyze it. Go on baidu and go find threads to shout, "
安以轩,吴建豪叫你嫁给他!", "吴建豪,上帝叫你回家把安以轩娶了!"

Tuesday: Go on baidu to witness viewer's love of Guang Xi and Mu Cheng. Rewatch preview and reanalyze it. Complain about waiting for the next episode.

Wednesday: Rewatch preview. Complain about waiting for the next episode. Become impatient and demand to know when the new preview is being released.

Thursday: Search high and low, every nook and crack for the new preview. Breathe. Go on baidu and AF and analyze the new preview with everyone else. Complain about waiting for the next episode.

Friday: Rewatch the latest episode. Rewatch the old preview and the new preview. Breathe. Wish time could skip Saturday. Search for synopsis of next episode and share with others.

Saturday: Stock up on tissue. Go around and convert everyone around you into an AC addict.

Exception: After one finishes episode 19, complaining for Sunday will cease to exist. Instead it is replaced with wishing this drama will never end.

February 10, 2010

A Step towards the End

I watched the 19th episode last night, including the BTS that came after.

And I already feel a sense of loss.

This drama came out back in October of 09. I've been chasing after this drama for five months now, which also happens to be the amount of the time they used to film this drama. Five months, one episode one week. Waiting tortuously each week just for that 1 and 1/2 hour drama...*sigh* I will miss this tortuous wait. Every week I also come across viewers screaming, "I wish it was Sunday!", "This wait is killing me!", "They should release all the episodes already!!!", "Xiao Le is sooo cutee!!!", etc. I will miss these crazy shout outs too.

It was fate that bought us all together. For this one drama. This one drama that made us go crazy for it every week. And with each passing week, we fall deeper and deeper for this drama.
So deep that when we see carrots, we think of AC. When we see the radio, we think of Xiao Le shouting "miss you miss you". When we go ice skating, we think of Mu Cheng's "Air on G String" story. When we see rice, we think of Mu Cheng's famous dish. Here, you try it: When we ___________, we think of ______________.

Time flies. Kinda hard to believe that we're already onto the last stop already. It was like just yesterday that we got on this AC bus.

I don't want to get off.

February 08, 2010

Behind the Smiles and Tears of Autumn's Concerto

No comments cuz I haven't watched them yet. Since the last stop is coming soon, I must spread out my AC videos so I won't miss it too much...I'm sure these are going to be some fun fun videos to watch~ it's hard to resist!

February 07, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 Thoughts

No matter how difficult life is, we can always finish the most touching symphony.

Life is pretty difficult for everyone at this point. Guang Xi's career is falling apart. Mu Cheng is worried about Guang Xi. Xiao Le encounters trouble at school. Hua Tuo Ye fell out of love. Hua Zhi Xin is in Fang Ge's hands. Wu Li Hua is emotionally unstable. But like Mu Cheng says from day one, "
No matter how difficult life is, we can always finish the most touching symphony".

Xiao Le right after he takes a shower~

Episode 17 opens with a troubled Xiao Le who seems to have encountered more bullying at school but hides this from Mu Cheng and instead tells her that he's just having trouble with homework. His excuse is so convincing, I don't want it to call it a lie because it's probably not. Hehe~Mu Cheng is also highly skilled at making convincing excuses/arguments, he must have inherited this skill from her.

He sighs as he looks at the phone~

Talking about inheriting skills, Xiao Le has also learned a tactic from Guang Xi called masking. What is masking? Masking is when you use something as a tool to divert one's attention from the real motive. Guang Xi used Xiao Le as an excuse to get married with Mu Cheng. Xiao Le uses Tang Tang as an excuse to get Mu Cheng's phone so he can make a phone call to Tuo Ye. But of course, he does not want Mu Cheng to know so he cutely kicks her out of his room~ HAHAHAHAA! Such a cute kiddd~ his expression after he closed the door is evidence of Xiao Xiao Bin's acting skills! Very deep and emotional!

Hua Tuo Ye is missing Xiao Le and Liang Mu Cheng too!

衣冠禽獸. So this is why Xiao Le called Tuo Ye, to find out what that phrase means. Hahaha, Welcome to Hua Tuo Ye's Chinese Class! Mr.Tuo Ye's answer, "It's not a bad word, it's a Chinese proverbial idiom.
衣 means clothes, is the hats that we wear, and 禽獸, it means like men will grow up to be strong, stronger than beasts. So men wear clothes and put on hat means that we look very creditable." HAHAHAHAAAAAA! You are good, Mr. Tuo Ye! I would love to be in your chinese class!

ohhh~ isn't he so cute?

Awwwww, Xiao Le, Tuo Ye, Mu Cheng = 3Fs (Family Friends Forever~) I miss you too, Tuo Ye~ And thank you Xiao Le! Your phone call revived our hero who doesn't seem as heartbroken as before~ AND OMG! HUA ZHI XINNN!!! Tuo Ye, it's time to get over your heartbreak and do what you're good at, saving people!

She feels his pain.

Guang Xi using an mp3 as a studying tool.

And while Xiao Le secretly talks to Tuo Ye to find out the meaning of
衣冠禽獸, Mu Cheng enters Guang Xi's study room to learn more about the "Guang Xi" that she once lost. Now this was truly a very inspiring scene where we see a post-surgery Guang Xi studying his butt off for the lawyer test. To become more familiar with the laws, he copied them over and over again. To memorize the laws, he used an mp3 player and recited the laws over and over again. These look like really effective studying habits, worth implementing in my studying plans and yours too!

Mu Cheng, Wu Li Hua, and Hua Zhi Xin are three women with nearly identical fate. The one thing connecting all three is that they're all victims of sexual abuse. But being a victim doesn't mean the world has come to an end.
The way we see this world is made by our own decisions.

It must hurt to tell the story of her past.

At the hospital,
Mu Cheng shares her past with Wu Li Hua, "I can understand you. What you want is someone willingly to be on heart to heart level with you, someone who understands your pain. Because in your heart, the scar that is left behind, whether it will get better depends on your own decision. This is definitely something that others won't understand. I once met someone who faced the same situation as you. A family member living under the same roof turned into the most horrifying monster. Every night whether it was showering or sleeping, she would always check the doors and windows a few times. She even put up three locks on her bedroom door because she's afraid. She's afraid that at any time any place, someone would come out and hurt her. That fear turned every minute and second into phobia." I think this is the first time where we hear Mu Cheng's feelings towards her unfortunate incident, all the other times, it was Guang Xi speaking for Mu Cheng.

Liang Mu Cheng and Ren Guang Xi from 6 years ago~

She continues her story, "When that girl was about to pass out, she met someone who accompanied her, encouraged her, and let her know that all this cannot be tolerated any further." Doesn't this dialogue sound a little familiar? Ren Guang Xi, 6 years ago, at court said, "Because I met Mu Cheng, her kindness, her seriousness towards life, revived my dead soul that has been alive for 25 years. For the first time, I had hope in this world. For the first time, I want to treasure someone. For the first time, I want to change myself into a better person for her." He saved her life, she saved his soul.

"Can I believe everything you just told me?"

Mu Cheng from 6 years ago is back! Guang Xi comes home with a black face, obviously troubled by Li Wang Cai's case. He must make a decision between exposing the CD(with evidence of Li Wong Cai's wrongdoing) or burn it to save his career as a lawyer. Seeing him so tired out, Mu Cheng attempts to console him and leaves yet another golden quote in the history of Autumn's Concerto.

"Of Course"

"When everyone in the world is criticizing you, you must remember that your family won't leave you. If someone used this issue to bully Xiao Le, Xiao Le would strike back, strike back for his dad. Because we all believe that you think before you do and will choose to make the right decision" she tells him. He askes her, "Can I believe everything that you just said?"
"Of course," she gently assures him. That is the most powerful two words in this episode. The best 'Of course' I've ever heard! It was soft and simple but extremely powerful! *melt*

A worried Guang Xi looks after an injured Mu Cheng.

Unfortunately, their heartfelt conversation must end when a phone call rings in informing Mu Cheng of the disappearance of Wu Li Hua. Mu Cheng guessed that she went after Li Wong Cai and together with Guang Xi, they flee to the guy's house just in time to stop Wu Li Hua from stabbing the guy. However, this lady is mad and goes berserk when she sees Guang Xi and tries to stab him but ends up stabbing Mu Cheng! Here I must quote my friend, Kiwi who said, "
So you know that scene where Mu Cheng gets stabbed? Yeah... it wasn't as epic as I thought it'd be :( in fact, they played it down quite a bit and made it seem like she got a paper cut, not an actual STAB wound. I was disappointed to say the least, definitely does not match Guang Xi getting stabbed." Exactly what I thought too! I have to say, they're really good at cutting previews. The preview made me think the emphasis on this "epic" stab scene, but it was actually putting the emphasis on the physical and emotional pain felt by the two ladies. The pain on the emotional level exceeds that on the physical level.

One of the few person who thinks with his head and acts with his heart.

Ren Guang Xi makes his final decision and calls Lawyer Lin to get the CD from his desk and use it against Li Wang Cai, thus risking his career. Upon the thought of destroying this guy's career, Wu Li Hua is concerned but Guang Xi assures her, "So what, I might be fired tomorrow, it's alright, I'm rich anyways. Not having a job for a year or two is fine." HAHAHAA! This is why every idol drama must have a rich character!

History repeats itself.

To thank Mu Cheng for taking the stab, Guang Xi asks Mu Cheng what present she would like to have. Being the humble person she is, she asks him to walk with her. It was definitely a walk to remember. 6 years ago, she saved a bird(also called Xiao Le) at Sheng De Tang, 6 years later, she saved a bird again(probably Xiao Le's(the bird) children...or I'm thinking too much) at the park where she was walking with Guang Xi.

How about turning around and smiling with her~

Mu Cheng goes on attack mode and tells Guang Xi, "After I became a mother, I think 6 years could change a lot of things but when I was just looking at you, I discover that many things actually did not change. Six years later, I'm still as nosy as ever but at least you're still here by my side. Whether it was the girl or the bird, it's the same as six years ago, haven't changed." Guang Xi gives a semi cold reply, turns around, and cracks a smile!!!! HAHAHAAA! *sigh* these two, why do they always have to hide their smile from each other~

Daisy: My promise to silently watch over you.

A daisy in everyone's heart.

Meanwhile, Tuo Ye is also taking a walk down memory lane, a lane that belongs to him and Hua Zhi Xin. Tuo Ye has a very interesting past, whether it's with Mu Cheng or Zhi Xin. He looks inside a small lucky bag that Zhi Xin made for him and finds a daisy. The flower meaning of daisy is to "silently protect" or "silently watch over" someone. Has Tuo Ye finally come to realize that the one who has always been silently watching over him is Zhi Xin? Actually, everyone has a daisy in their heart. Every person in this show is secretly watching over another.

A helpless Zhi Xin locked away.

When he finally reaches his hand out for her...

For the first time, a helpless Tuo Ye.


Tuo Ye and and Bin Jai meet up with Fang Ge to save Zhi Xin. It was disturbing to see a helpless Zhi Xin locked up in a trashy bathroom. Then it got even more disturbing when Tuo Ye got his hand stabbed. And then a helpless Tuo Ye crawls towards a helpless Zhi Xin...they reach for each other hands, but their fingers never touch because the one eye pirate intervenes. *sniff sniff*