December 28, 2010

A DA's never ending supply of drama

A Terracotta Warrior
Starring: Ady An, Du Chun, Gallen Lo, Shone An
Status: Airing Jan 3 2011

This is no doubt my most anticipated 2011 drama! Time travel, longevity pills, fire pits, this drama is an all in one! HK people, TW people, CN people. Ancient time period, pre-modern time period, modern time period. Beautiful clothings, beautiful people, beautiful scenery. History, Mystery, and Science. (History happens to be one of my favorite subjects) And most importantly, Ady An, Du Chun, and veteran Gallen Lo, their acting is gonna blow our minds away. Hahahaaaa! By the way, this drama's going up against "Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei" and "Jade Palace Lock Heart". It's gonna be a big battle between Ady, Shi Shi, and Yang Mi and coincidentally, all three lead ladies participated in the Chinese Paladin Series. Who will prevail? I hope it's Ady.

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
Starring: Wallace Huo, Liu Shi Shi
Status: Airing Jan 3 2011

It's Shi Shi and Wallace from Chinese Paladin 3! I thought that was a pretty philosophically deep show. Yi Zhi Mei, the eastern Robin Hood. I remember TVB had a drama on him too, it was called "Vigilant in the Mask". The themesong was awesome, the beginning was a little boring, the ending was disappointing. It almost seemed as if they were paving the road for "Vigilant in the Mask 2" but it never came. I hope this version rocks! Hahaha, Shi Shi looks so fierce in the poster!

Bu Bu Jing Xin
Starring: Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong
Status: Just started filming

Based off an internet novel, this drama follows the life of a modern girl who accidently goes back in time to one of China's brightest moments in history, the reign of Emperor Kangxi. One advantage of going back in time is having the benefit of hindsight which means you better start paying close attention in history class cause you never know, one day, you might accidently travel back in time too. This series is actually VERY similar to another drama, "Jade Palace Lock Heart". Both series talk about a modern girl who travels back to the same time period, except they end up with different people. Oops, did I say too much? But if you want more information, you can go to cfensi forum and read the novel.

Fall in Love
Starring: Zhang Han, Jiang Kai Tong

Zhang Han was pretty cool and handsome in "Let's Watch A Meteor Shower Together". I is looking forward to his new drama which is a remake of Korean drama, "Autumn in my Heart". Hmmm, does that mean this is gonna be a tear jerker? Op, gotta stock up on Kleenex~

Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2010 Remake
Starring: Sheren Tang, Ruby Lin

Interestingly, Ruby Lin who played Zi Wei in the original drama, takes the role of Zi Wei's mother in this remake. That's cool. I just finished watching the first season, it's awesome. I watched bits and pieces of it back when my mom was absorbed into this drama but I've never actually seen the whole show until this week. It is absolutely a classic. It doesn't matter when you watch it, it never gets old. Xiao Yan Zi is hilarious! I don't think anyone can ever replace Vicki Zhao as Xiao Yan Zi. I laughed so hard at the scene where the Emperor has Xiao Yan Zi read her own poems. Her poems = HAHAHAHAHAHA! But anyway, here's a site that does a comparison between the original cast and the new cast.

Material Girl
Starring: Van Ness Wu, Lynn Xiong
Status: Filming in Progress

I is looking forward to this not only because of Van Ness but also because it's directed by the same Autumn's Concerto film crew! I don't have anything against Lynn but that picture up there would be perfect if Ady was the girl. AHH~ AC addiction take over! I have confidence in this drama cause it's a Director Chen Hui Ling n crew Product!

Modern New Humanity
Starring: Hu Ge, Ivy Chen

Hu Ge from Chinese Paladin and Ivy Chen from Black and White in a modern fashion drama. According to Cfensi, it's backed by two fashion magazines. I wonder if it's going to be like Si Si Xin Dong (Blue Lan's Drama), where the main financier of the show, Rejoice, advertised their hair products a zillion times in the drama! Hahahaaaa~

Return to the Three Kingdoms
Starring: Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Power Chan
Status: Filming in March 2011, credits to teddieburr

Since when did they have hair spray in the Three Kingdoms period? But then again, Ron is not from that time period anyway. It's another traveling through space drama. Looks like the drama trend for 2011 is time/space travelling dramas. I want to say that Steven Ma looks MIGHTY handsome in hair and costume and so does Power Chan. Like his white outfit! We talk Double Gas! (義氣=二氣 in canto) Hahahaha!


Yes Sir No Sir
Starring: Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung
Status: Featured in TVB Sales Presentation 2011

OOOOO, a school setting drama, those are really rare in TVB! I shall be paying close attention to this one! Hmm, undercover teacher, wow, so you can actually be a police and a teacher at the same time! That's awesome but probably really tiring! And Ron is making a comeback? He was like MIA for a few years.

Life is good when you have dramas to watch.


  1. sup celsius, long time no talk again =)

    oh man, terracotta warrior sounds amazing! and yes i agree, if only the picture for material girl was ady and vanness instead of lynn, that WOULD be absolutely perfect...its a great looking photo!

    anyway, last i heard, back to the three kingdoms 回到三國 has gone through a cast not sure about some of the second-tier actors but the three leads will be ron ng, raymond lam, and tavia yeung. i dont know about you but ive been looking forward to these three cooperating since twins of brothers!

    anyway, not sure if steven ma is still gonna be in it...but my guess is no, since having three first-tier male leads (steven, ray, ron) is pretty rare.

    also, im super looking forward to yes sir no sir. have you seen the stuff for men with no shadows? that looks to be pretty good too. it has bobby auyeung, ray lam, and tavia in it.

  2. hmmm, i heard it was changed from ron fala to ray tavia. i dont have anything against ray n tavia but they kinda lacked chemistry in MOL. ron n fala on the other hand is a fresh pairing. AND NOOOO, Steven MUST STAYYYY!!! I'd be sooo sad if Steven doesn't participate in Three Kingdoms.

    and nope, i haven't seen the trailer for men with no shadows. it's a comedy, right? hahahaa, I'm so happy to see Bobby back on screen! Too bad, he's not taking part in Forensic Heroes III.